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Making Color Decals Informative and More than Just Fun

Colored Stickers

Color decals are fun to use, get, exchange and post. Like liquid sunshine, color decals add an element of fun to everyday life. They are colorful, peppy and serve a purpose – they inject a new attitude to the mundane.

Who uses these?  A better question to ask is who doesn’t. Universities do, schools, day care centers and clubs do. Special fun color graphics in decals and labels may have a space for you to write your name on your book identifying it within the front cover. A plain and simple sticker would also do the job, but most make a simple function seem like fun. Case in point!

Colored Decals For Promotion and Advertising

coloured printed decals Universities, manufacturers, stores, and restaurants love to give their faithful customers and supporters custom printed colored window decals or bumper stickers showing school colors and mascots, product logos, and other symbols identifying with the school, business, product, or service. Posting them on autos, books and binders, lockers, bikes and windows, cheerful students, parents, fans, clients and any other type of supporters, are happy to show the world where their loyalties lie. Go team go!

Advertise your coffee shop, hardware store, or whatever you like with friendly and upbeat colorful graphics!  Those that look like novelty decals seem to carry the most weight. The famous WIT BOY designs are posted all over because they look like cool stickers, not advertising. In fact, these are a little of both.

The Vans’ Tennis Shoe Company also excels in this color stickers as advertising realm. Who wouldn’t proudly stick one in a conspicuous place!  The sports-casual manufacturer has been top of the line for the past 20-30 years, and one of their graphics adds class and charm to those who have them and use them.

These products are used in tons of functional ways, too – they are not always just for fun!  They show the contents of the containers – from coffee pots – Decaf or Regular – to spray cleaner bottles, manufactured goods and much more.

Full Color Sticker Printing

Full color prints, which are also known in the industry as 4 color process decals, are easily printed, and lamination or clear coating may also be available to keep the prints clean and safe. The colorful dyes are built to last after much handling, wear and tear, sunlight, moisture, dampness and other irritants.

The Value of Colored Stickers

These are often found on automobiles. That checkered cab has – you guessed it – those for the black check design. There are decorative trims in plain colors or all out fancy plaids and polka-dots. The new wave designs of the 1980’s remain popular with modern drivers and a decorative figure of a girl dancing to SKA music or a man with a floppy hat and big shoes definitely adds personality to what normal people would call mundane.

Best of all, color decals are highly flexible – your imagination calls the shots. Whatever the size, shape or design you have in mind, let us help you transform your dream into a realistic image! Whatever inspires you, let it take you the distance to a new reality. If you have the brainstorm of a lifetime, there is a very likely chance that we can convert the image of your dreams into a workable logo or design, printable and distributable as upbeat full color adhesive graphics.

Even the classic banana sticker is a great example. When you buy a TV there is probably a small one stuck to the side to show the make and model or ID number. Spot color and/or full colored labels are placed on most appliances before selling. Consumer researchers learned that shoppers pay more attention to small, colorful balloon shaped decals than to lengthy white papered descriptions that might take a master’s degree to read and understand.

Color stickers are great for publicizing your brand, communicating with your potential customer, and just jogging the memory of the general public that you’re still here and a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace at large! Print up some fun and informative graphic prints today – you will be glad that you did.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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