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Advertising with Floor Graphics Decals

floor decals

Floor graphics decals are a great way to promote events, products, or even use as a way finding device.

And, if you expand your thinking with this type floor graphic decal, you can also use it on walls as well. Due to the tough over-laminates used on this type of decal, it can be used anywhere human (or otherwise) contact might be made.

Floor Graphic Stickers and Decals in Full Color and 3D – Floor Advertising at its Best

Custom Floor Advertising StickersAny graphic design can be printed digitally or screen-printed, using a specific vinyl with adhesives that will stick to most types of floors including concrete, carpet, tile, and many other types of flooring. Because such decals are used for specific events such as trade shows or conventions, it is not often that so many are needed that it justifies screen-printing, so more often than not, we produce them digitally.

The Adhesive

The adhesive used on floor graphics decals are a removable type of adhesive so as to be able to remove them upon completion of an event. However, if you’re going to use them on walls, you’ll want to use the same laminate, but not the same vinyl. You’d need a more permanent adhesive. If you’re ordering this type of product, make sure that the printing professionals you are dealing with know these details.

Usage and Application

Another type of floor decal display is actually now being termed a “sidewalk graphic.” This has a thicker, gooey adhesive that fills the pores in concrete or asphalt sidewalks, walls, pillars, and the like. Again, if you are interested in a product like this, your graphics professional should be able to get you the right thing if you request something of this type.

One of our clients sells shoes, so he wanted a design that advertised his shoes that were, of course, in the shape of a footprint. As you went into a shoe store, you could follow the “footprints” to the section of the store where their shoes were located.

Stanley Tools did a promotion with some 27″ diameter stickers with in the Lowe’s Home Improvement stores a couple years back promoting a new tool that they were selling at Lowes. Die-cut shapes can add interest to the designs as the previous two examples show.

There are other ways, see here, to create floor graphics decals, but none so quick and easy as digital printing or screen-printing the vinyl material then laminating it with the appropriate durable laminates.


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