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Safety and Control Sign Color Decals

colored stickers

Keep Away from Dumpster – Radioactive material – Hazard – Do not enter. What do all these color decals have in common? They are serious messages designed to promote safety and control.

House windows show that a home security system is in place, or that you are being video monitored. There are colored stickers on all types of goods for sale. Almost all appliances have removable ones pointing out the features and benefits of the item being sold.

warning stickers in full colored digital printThe warranty, volts, and features are often spelled out nicely in circular designs which appeal to customers’ sense of automatic gratification. In a moment’s notice, they can size up and compare the features of the washing machine, stereo system, hair dryer, toy or home appliance being sold.

Automobile showrooms often use these to highlight a featured items positives. Cars may have graphics showing “ABS Braking system” Full warranty – 24 months – or other points of interest designed to catch the consumer’s eye. These are removed when the auto is purchased, of course, but these little nudges help bring the buyer baby steps closer to making a final decision – and hopefully, a purchase.

A Little History of Colored Decals

Color decals have been around for a long time. They were printed up for Aqua Velva shaving cream in the 1930s. The manufacturer cleverly posted them along the driving route of the city’s top executives on the way to the financial district. The marketing ploy worked.

Not only did they absorb the repetitive message, they came to buy and prefer Aqua Velva to other aftershave lotions. This was the company’s first real sales break and created a wave of brand loyalty.

Although they are small, they are powerful and provide an important service in the wonderful world of advertising. There is great power in repetition.

Uses and Applications

Full color, also known as 4-color process, graphics can be used in the most ordinary of places. They are common sights to the extent that we almost forget that they are there!

Even normal messages like “Restrooms” – Male and Female, No Smoking and “Leave Your Coat at the Door” are necessary and helpful in keeping the general public orderly and not in a state of chaos. In convention centers, sports arenas and schools – can you imagine all the confusion that would result without these decals or signs?

They provide a phenomenal service in promoting mass control in circumstances that could result in mayhem. They have become an integral part of modern daily life. As the majority of the population knows how to read and write, these soundless reminders free the assistants that would be normally required to repeat the same message over and over again.

There are some which are printed up in wordless messages, especially in those environments that may be multi-national in nature. An international art exhibit may show a face and an index finger pointing – as if to say “This way to the Van Gogh exhibit.” These may be very large decal murals on walls or windows. You can browse here for custom printing and more.

Other symbolic messages include a cigarette with a slash in it (No Smoking) or a soda pop can with a red slash through it provides an obvious message – no drinks. The signs outside the churches of Europe follow this same rule of thumb. Here, no matter which language, it will be absolutely clear to you that no tank tops, no shorts – no photographs, no ice cream cones, and absolutely no dogs admitted!

Serious in nature, they have a message to tell, and they are quite adept at getting the point across. Color decals are relatively inexpensive to produce, so be sure to choose a firm that has a good reputation and is willing to stand behind their products. That way, should anything go wrong during the printing process, you can get yours fixed to your satisfaction. The Better Business Bureau rating focuses on prior customers’ results and satisfaction, so by all means refer to the BBB before contracting with any service provider.


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