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Custom Decals for Cars Trucks, Vehicles, and Windows

Vinyl Sticker lettering for Cars

Face it. There are a bazillion companies in the world that can make custom decals for cars, so how do you choose a print company to make them for your product, school, business, or organization?

There are several ways to order them, and a more than a few companies that can make them, but no matter where you purchase , you should make sure the company you hire is a reputable one.

Best Practices for Hiring Custom Car Decal Printers for Your Business/Organization

There are several ways to research companies that make customized stickers for vehicles, whether you are looking for a local one, or whether you’re looking online, researching is not too difficult, and the internet has made it even simpler than it was 15 years ago.

I would have saved our business substantial amounts of money had I followed my own advice a few times. So, let’s say you’re looking for a print company, and you find several ones that you like the looks of – either in the yellow pages or online. You call or email them, and you settle on the one that responds quickly.

Do you place your order after that? Listen, I know it’s exciting to place that order and you can hardly wait to hand out those printed graphics to all your friends (or sell them to raise money for the sports team, or whatever).

I can tell you from personal experience I’ve followed this procedure more than a few times – Ready, Fire, Aim! So what should you do before you order custom decals for cars…you want to move fast so end products are ready for the start of football season, and you know it’ll take a bit of time to complete the production.

Three 98% sure-fire ways to make sure the company you want to hire does a great job

personalized stickers for carsTake a deep breath – and go first to www.bbb.org. Type in the company’s zip code into the appropriate field. When the next page pops up, click the field that says “Check out a business or charity.” Type in the business name – the zip code should already be filled in. Nobody’s perfect. They may have a few marks on their name, but you’ll want to see if those issues have been resolved. If they have, great, you’ve now completed 1 of 3 steps.

I will add a caveat regarding the Better Business Bureau. We had a situation with a credit card company, Elliot Management Group, that sold us on some systems they had that didn’t end up working. After 6 months of wrangling, we pulled out of the contract for non-fulfillment. They ended up soaking us for $1200.00+. BBB said they couldn’t do anything because the products had been verbally promised, but it was not in the contract. Hence, my reason for going to the next website.

www.RipoffReport.com is a good site to check on any online business, as that’s one of the sites we turned to after the BBB did nothing for us nor did they put a black mark on Elliot Management Group’s name. But as we were truly ripped off by this firm (we’re not the only ones – check out RipoffReport.com to view the dirt list on these guys), we had to let people know to stay away from these scoundrels (they go by many other names as well). So, check the company out, and if they’re clean here, check one more board just for back up.

The third site is www.ComplaintsBoard.com (there are others too, but this one seems to at least make the front page of Google along with ROR.com and BBB.com. Follow the same procedure with this site as with ROR.com.

There’s still a chance a disgruntled client who’d ordered from your company of interest might have posted on another site, but the odds are much better if no complaints can be found on your company of interest, and if this is the case, go ahead and make the purchase. Or check out a couple more sites if you want to. Search the term “Make Car Decals Company Complaints.” If there are any complaints against the company, you’re likely to turn them up with that term.

There’s more to discover about these classes of decals. Hit this to if you want to check out details about printing custom decals for cars.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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