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Decal Car Stickers for your Business, Organization, or Club

Car window decals

Well, I can’t really tell you when to purchase decal car stickers, can I. I’d tell you to do it now if I could, but you’ll have to decide when that might be, but I’ll give you a few ideas on when might be a good time to purchase them for whatever it is you support, or supports you.

They are a great way to advertise something you support or belong to. One from your school, for instance, shows that you support your school and are loyal to it. Your school, or your kid’s school, might have a sports team decal and you could put both on your car. Now that’s school loyalty!

Where to Purchase Auto Window or Bumper Stickers for Your Club, Company, or Organization

In our area, we don’t have any professional sports teams, but we do have lots of varieties of Gonzaga graphics on thousands of cars in the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene area. Judging by the vehicles bearing at least one Gonzaga sticker, it’s clear that in this area, the Bulldogs get lots of love. Another one that we see a lot here is that of our 2-time Arena Football League champion Spokane Shock. They are so popular here that the number of Spokane Shock graphics is now challenging the waning Bulldogs in popularity.

red vehicle auto decal sticker graphicsOf course, everyone wants to tell you where they go to school, or went, by putting labels from their school on the rear window of their automobiles. There are several major state universities in our state with alumni who love to put their school’s car decal sticker on their vehicles. That way they can know if they should forgive that driver that just cut them off with the WSU Cougar logo on their window.

You can buy these at any sporting goods store or online, but what if you want one for your high school, grade school, or private school. What if you want to advertise using them for your small local college. Then you’ll need to contact printing company. You can get in your auto and drive around town to some print shops, or get on the phone and call around, or go online and find a reputable printer.

When you go online, look for a printing company that has a good list of clients that include private companies, educational institutions, and governmental entities. It is a good likelihood that you’ll be able to locate a good one quickly and affordable online. Check out their satisfaction guarantee. Do they guarantee color matching if you require that? If they guarantee a color match, but don’t ask you for a Pantone Matching System color, run away. They don’t know what they’re doing and you won’t be happy with the end products you ordered for your school.

The Specific Color(S) of Your Vehicle Decals – Crucial or Not? How to Prevent them from Becoming a Technicolor Nightmare

Now, once or twice I’ve not asked close enough questions about the color on a vehicle graphic, or been told, “Oh, don’t worry about it…just any dark blue color will work.” Doh! It’s about a 50/50 chance they’ll actually be pleased with the printed blue color. When this happens, it is the measure of a company as to how they respond to their mistake in not having you sign off on “any blue dark color.” It’s happened to us a time or two. If we didn’t get a sign-off on the color, we replaced the product immediately. Of course, after they’ve specified a Pantone™ color the 2nd time around!

Most companies that sell decals for automobiles are dedicated to making the internet a safe and happy and economical place to shop, so compared to purchasing an order a decade ago online, the odds of getting a good one at a good price are probably better than looking in the yellow pages or driving around town to print shops.

There are many different templates one can consider. Look here if you want to see more of these decal car stickers.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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