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Label Sticker Printing or Short Run Sticker Label Printing

bottle label

As with everything in the print industry, label sticker printing has been affected by the rise of digital label sticker printing.

It used to be that you could have a short run done if you wanted to have a one or two color tag, but if you wanted a full color graphic, you’d need to buy 5000 or 10,000 labels to keep the cost per sticker to a minimum.

Options for Short Run Sticker Label Printing and Label Sticker Printing for the Long Run

With the advent of the digital printing press in the late 20th century, companies like Heidelberg and Hewlett-Packard began building presses that could output a 100 to 5000 full color run and charge what we had been paying for one or two color labels.

label sticker printing with an HP Indigo

No longer did small wineries and breweries have to have wine tags printed with simple artwork of one or two colors to keep costs down. Now tag stickers for wine and beer could be printed a few hundred at a time at a reasonable cost, aiding the attractiveness of the wine bottle with a full color wine or beer graphic.

custom sticker labels for beers

While one cannot definitively say that a color label stickers will make or break a product, it stands to reason that it could. Consider, when you go to a fine restaurant, the chef will arrange your food so as to make it more appetizing. Does it taste better? I believe that the presentation of food affects the flavor, so food, wine, and beer label decals ultimately will, psychologically at least, improve the flavor of the food, wine, or beer.

Beer or Wine Label and Sticker Prints: Where to Find the Best Printing at Good Prices

It is my humble opinion that there are really just a few really great label sticker printing firms in the U.S. and Canada today, but finding them can be quite a difficult chore. You can try, but I’ve found this to be no better than a general Google search. Most printers throughout North America use similar press techniques, so why would it matter on which one you use.

custom wine sticker Why would it matter which beer you drink? What difference is that $3 bottle of wine versus the $50 bottle of wine? Is grass-fed beef better than grain-fed. Does it matter whose printed the wine tag on that bottle of $3 wine, or would your beer taste the same if it was printed by someone other than a really great printer?

Probably not. However, your life will be much better if the company whose printing the graphics for your micro brewery is a sound company that treats it’s clients interests with as high a level as they do their own. Or if you’re a winery owner/manager the same would hold true, or if you needed keyboard or food tags. It wouldn’t matter who you are if you’re buying label printing logos for your product. So if I were you, I’d check out any print company with the Better Business Bureau or with to see if they come up clean. Odds are you’ll find one of the best in the country if you do that!

If you Google any company that you want to deal with, they’ll likely show up on the Better Business Bureau’s website, If they have an A or A+ rating on that site, you may have a winner. But I’d drill deeper. Look two, three, or four pages deep and if any prospective company you’re looking at shows up on any consumer watchdog site, beware! Do your due diligence and you’ll be glad you did.

Also, if you want to check out more on label sticker printing, read this.

Tell us your experience about designing, printing, or purchasing your own personalized wine or bottle labels. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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