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Oil Change Stickers and Custom Service Automotive Decals

oil change decals

One major category of decals is the automotive decals and stickers, which include service stickers such as the oil change sticker, or oil change decals if you prefer.

There are lots of uses for oil change stickers, from licensing to parking permits to the oil change sticker or oil change decals, although most automotive service companies, we’ve found, prefer to use static clings.

Custom Service Automotive Stickers and Decals – Getting Your Customers Back with Oil Change Static Clings

Permanence versus Non-permanence: Why auto service companies choose Non-permanence

If you’ve ever handed out free stickers to kids, you’ve probably heard their Mom or Dad say something like, “Now Johnny, make sure you don’t stick that on something without asking permission.” Well, some of them (especially cheap give-aways) are made with adhesives so strong that it’s really difficult to get it off of something it’s stuck on, and sometimes almost impossible.

Oil change decals are used temporarily, so it stands to reason that both the owner of the vehicle and the service company would want them to be easily removed and replaced with new ones every time customers bring their car in. Static cling types for your service company’s auto service tags simply make sense, don’t they?

Static Cling Automotive Decals and Stickers – are they all pretty much the same?

oil change stickerThe short answer is yes. Almost. There are varying thicknesses of static cling graphics, but as long as you’re in the 7 to 8 mil range, the decals should stick just fine.

More importantly, I think it is whom you have make your automotive oil change stickers. There are three sites you should check to make sure the printer is a solid company. Don’t just check one of these, as none is a good standalone, in my experience.

First, check out your printer’s company name at www.bbb.org. Since the materials used are roughly equivalent, you just want to make sure you’re hiring a good print company. And not all print companies have equivalent business ethics.

Since I personally have not found the Better Business Bureau to be 100% reliable, I would recommend that if you’re checking out companies, you also check out www.ripoffreport.com. While the graphics are not a big ticket item, you still don’t want to get ripped off, so if you google the company’s name, and on the first or second page of Google their name comes up on the aforementioned site, you may want to see what the complaint is. If there is only one complaint regarding the printing company, it’s probably not much to worry about, especially if their BBB record is clean.

However, you might also want to check on one other site, and I like www.ComplaintsBoard.com, although you can check out other consumer watchdog sites, just to make sure your prospective company has good customer service policies.

Look here to have a glimpse of the various uses, customized templates, and printing of oil change decals  and oil change stickers.


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