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Entry Pass Control With Parking Permit Tags

Park entry Passes

Parking permit tags are used all over the world. Without them, parking lot chaos would reign. There are so many cars and just so much space to park them, isn’t that the truth?

Especially in downtown areas, this has become a significant issue. Most families have at least two cars – one for each parent – and in most cases, another for the teenage driver or grandparent, sometimes both!  So how can we regulate this explosion?

Many companies have found the solution to control who can, and cannot, enter their parking lots. The answer is entry passes. They are quite inexpensive to manufacture and very effective. The tags are made up in a specific design and logo so that they can be identified from afar. The small but visible permit is a handy way of identifying just who has authorization to park in a reserved parking area.

Parking Permit Tags Give Authorization And Proper Access

Custom Printed Hang Tag Park Pass What do they look like, and how are they displayed? These passes may in the form of self-adhesive decals, glass windshield or even back bumper stickers. They may also be hung from the rear view mirror as a plastic S-Shape which can be easily seen upon entrance to the designated park area.

The plastic hanging designs have an advantage in that the driver may easily switch autos. Suppose the primary auto is at the mechanic. The driver / employee can easily remove the hang tag and place it on the rear view mirror of his wife’s car, enabling easy access and entry to the car lot without further ado.

In addition, the entire procedure can be easily accomplished without having to remove the sticker, which is really practically impossible to do, as the parking permit tags may easily become destroyed, ripped or unrecognizable.

They may be generic, in that everyone received the same identical permits. Identical ones are given to each employee so that they all match the prototype. In other cases, those may have a serialized registration number which belongs to each specific employee. This enables the parking attendant to trace the tag’s owner as needed. The auto may be improperly pulled over, blocking another auto or may need to be moved. The attendant can easily track down the employee and contact them directly and efficiently.

Hang Tag Features

These hanging plastic labels are usually about 3“x5“ or a little less so they can be easily seen from the front window. They can be laminated in a clear coat of protective covering to protect the graphic prints, although this is typically unnecessary. The serial number and specific permission showing authorization for which lot has been designated also needs to be protected from handing, removing and contaminants from one’s hands.

Other Types of Parking Pass Permits

Most people visualize a vertical hanging design, but in reality, the tags can be printed in horizontal designs, too. Hot foil may be used to imprint detailed information on the tag. A bar code is also an option if the entry pass needs to be scanned upon entry. Magnetic stripes, similar to that used on a debit or credit card, may also be incorporated into the effective park passes of today.

Colorized labels are ideally usable for a relatively long time frame, approximately one year. They are naturally water resistant to prevent warping in damp or humid weather. So, let entry permits simplify your life so that order and control are the norms in your limited and valuable designated park areas.

See here for custom printing parking permit tags in varying shapes and sizes.


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