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Sticker Chrome Decals – Really Shiny Decals

truck chrome decals

I have to admit, sticker chrome decals may have garnered a reputation for being , well, kind of a redneck graphic. Much of that, I fear, is probably well-deserved from viewing those obnoxious Barbie silhouette on the back window of 4WD pickup trucks parked at the Ya’ll Come Back Saloon over at the state line, and that those Valvoline® guys always seem to have some redneck-ish stickers on the rear window of whatever piece of c*** they drive.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get along with rednecks just fine…they’re often great guys that’d give you the shirt off their back (just don’t try to peel those nude-Barbie graphics off the back window of their truck!). But ya know, I just consider myself a little more civilized where women are concerned…you know, the sensitive type. Honestly, though, even before I met my bride of 20 years, I would never have considered those types.

Uses Other Than for Redneck Pickup Trucks

sticker chrome decals Not all are applied to the rear window of pickup trucks so high off the ground it takes a 6ft. step ladder to get into the cab. We’ve seen a lot of really cool uses over the years, including business identity logos on company vehicles, especially towing companies, metal working shop businesses, and mechanic shops. Ummm, yeah, you may be right…those are all kind of red-necky businesses.

OK, so let’s see…first, there are four types of sticker chrome decals: mirror silver, brushed silver, mirror gold, and brushed gold. And really, rednecks generally prefer silver, especially mirror silver. So you can still use the other three if you like. Or, if you don’t care what anyone thinks, you can go ahead and use the mirror silver types for your product labels or giveaway stickers.

The chrome material comes in both rolls and sheets, and so it can either be plotter cut (hence the infamous nude-silhouette Barbie) to create logos and letters for vehicles, or it can be printed as in branding labels to mark equipment or products. If your graphics are place on equipment that’s used in an industrial environment, you may want to consider adding a polyester or vinyl over-laminate to protect them as they do tend to show scratches easily.

Shocker!!! Chrome Graphics are being used by Microsoft!?

We’ve also had companies that used chromes for product branding as well. Companies like Asus and Microsoft use them to identify their products, and Microsoft uses a holographic sticker on some of their products. So you see, there are a few uses that don’t involve rednecks, so if you like shiny stuff, relax – so does Bill Gates!

We’ve seen groups, organizations, and clubs that utilized die-cut shapes for glass windows including those of he cars. High schools, private schools, colleges, and universities have also used such in attractive ways to advertise their school or sports teams. Although we didn’t print it, I even think I saw a Gonzaga University Bulldog graphic that was decal chrome. And it didn’t even look like a redneck bulldog!

Auto dealers use emblems or letters to advertise their dealership on the back of new or used cars. Auto Dealerships that affix them to vehicles on their car lots are one of the most common users. One thing to note in using gold chrome- it has been our experience that they don’t last outdoors as long as vinyl or polyester, so be aware of this when purchasing, especially the mirror gold kinds.

If you really like shiny sticker chrome decals, view here, https://www.visigraph.com/custom-decals-stickers-magnets-and-labels/silver-gold-chrome-decals/,  to see some designed in gold and silver.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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