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Designing Your Autos With Stickers For Cars

Car Hood Decal

Stickers for cars are a type of decal which has caught on well in today’s auto-centric society. Because they are small and packed full of information, they do their job well for a minimum of fuss, expense or aggravation.

An ingenious invention, car stickers can be posted on the windshield, from within or without. There are date graphics for the country of origin if you live in Europe. There are also reflective postal stamp-sized designs for cars to indicate when your registration expires at the DMV. These vehicle decals are small, but often contain concentrated information. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and yet do a very important job. The needed information is easily acquired at a moment’s notice.

Cars are usually in motion, so much of this information is gathered while they are actually moving. That means the color has to be intense enough to be visible from a distance. By using a standard shape, color, and markings, a parking lot attendant, meter maid or policeman driving a patrol vehicle can quickly and efficiently see who is operating within the limits of the law and who needs to be pulled over and questioned.

The Quality of the Car Sticker Material

custom printed stickers for vehiclesStickers for cars are created from materials that must withstand the smog and pollution of carbon emissions from the car itself and others traveling on the same highway. They can’t be flimsy or else they won’t look good on your car after a few days. No, they have to be durable but nice looking, too.

Who would want to put something ugly on their beloved automobile?  Those that people use everyday are generally brightly colored. The adhesive is also made to last also, but can often be removed with not too much trouble. They can’t be something that would fall off in a short time due to the amount of abuse and grime that they will inevitably receive in the hot sun all day, in the rain or even stormy weather, and constantly battered with exhaust fumes and auto emissions.

Producing quality auto graphics is in fact a tough assignment, so try to choose a company with a great reputation in the business. Take a look at the Better Business Bureaurating before proceeding. After all, why place a deposit with a firm who has bungled things in the past?  Try to find an outfit with a good reputation for quality production AND who stands behind their work. If by any chance the result is not be up to par, they should be ready to fix the error to the customer’s satisfaction.

They are a relatively new development in advertising, coming into existence over the past half a century or so. For a quite low cost, they have become a method of coding and processing. It’s also an effective way of identification, regulation, and providing information. They are really ingenious because they are comparatively small, lightweight, and easy to produce and, if they are of good quality materials, long lasting. Whoever came up with the idea of using them for advertising really was on to something!

When you get your annual license plate tags after paying your auto registration, take a look at them. Usually, they require cracking in half then peeling them directly onto the metal plates. Some cars license plate labels are applied to the front windshield. Those which stick on the inside will last longer in most cases due to the lack of abuse from the outside elements.

The face of the sticker must still have an excellent ink to withstand the sun’s harmful rays. Others are stuck on from the back. One type is to stick onto a hanging plastic piece which is affixed to the back of the rear view mirror. These are often times used for regulating parking lot entry designated for employees, staff or any other special group of people, not just the general public.

Should you be interested to see cool designs of stickers for cars, click here.


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