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The Several Applications of Bronze Plaques

World war II Sign

Have you ever noticed the impressive effect that a bronze plaque lends the character of a business? It adds something to an office, home and other institution or establishment.

A medical, dental or legal office takes on a new perspective and level of prestige when graced with quality signage outside the business’ entrance.  It tells passersby, we have been around for quite awhile.  When you invest in it, it also indicates that your firm intends to be around for a long time into the future, as well.

Bronze Metallic Plaques Seem Traditional But They Never Grow Old

metallic plaque sign

Plaque signs do more than advertise businesses.  The entrance to a private, gated community of homes is often preceded by a metal sign stating the name of the community and decorated with an appropriate symbol, like an oak tree, lion or other logo which adds status as well.  Important churches, city hall and other buildings of vital importance often have metallic signposts with pertinent historical and civic information.

In the same way, a golf course or country club will often use plaques in basic geographical shapes, most commonly rectangular but occasionally shield or oval shaped.  No matter which style you choose, those made from bronze material are really something special.  It is probably a true statement that a small bronze plaque will make a greater impact than a huge futuristic billboard that can be seen for miles around.  It whispers notoriety, class, and substance.  If you are admitted within its walls, this means that you are a person of notoriety and class as well.  This gives members a source of pride and status without ever having to speak a word.

Bronze plaques have a long history behind them.  Kings and queens of old often used them to commemorate the site of a important happening lest it be forgotten in history.  In modern society, we continue to use them to commemorate a location where an important battle was fought, where a historical person was born and at the foot of a statue.  Rich and famous people also used to bronze their baby shoes – but that is another story!

In everyday life, they provide a service in a variety of normal ways.  When an individual or a sports team wins the championship, the winning team or school often receives a bronze plaque to hang up on the wall!   Speech contest winners, runners up and others who have reached a high level of education and notoriety may receive special plaques.

Men and women who have given years of  excellent or extraordinary military service, recipients of the purple heart and even law enforcement / police officers who went beyond the call of duty are often given with these commemorating their contribution to the police force and to the society they serve.

Ornate or plain, they are attractive to look at and will last a long time.  They may contain a raised up design, like a quill pen or a single initial.  The logo of the parent organization (the one dispersing of the signs) may also be included.  This is as if to symbolize the relationship of trust and appreciation between the giver and the receiver.  Photographs may be included on them to give further recognition to the recipient.  Because they are made to last, perhaps generations later the child or grandchild of the recipient will lovingly refer to it as a source of pride and family heritage.

Cultural Center Displays

Locations of cultural interest are often marked with plaque signage, stating their importance and value.  “Here Slept George Washington”, or “First Colonial House Built – 1652″ – may be engraved on a cultural marker of information and importance.  For such monumental descriptions and notifications, they seem to do the job best.  For example, wood signs are very attractive, rustic and down to earth.  When it comes to a message that is expected to be marked for the sake of posterity for future generation to come, nothing beats metallic signs.

Plaque Durability

Bronze plaques can withstand the elements of snow, rain, moisture, heat, dryness, buffeting winds and even abuse.  They are strong, shiny, and treated to outlive even human beings!  The best way to care for them is to keep them dusted off, wiped with a damp cloth, and occasionally lightly polished with a mild metal cleaner.

There are a lot of things to be grateful about these metallic plaques. For custom making of bronze plaques, read more here.


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