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Metal Plaques Provide Instant Status

Bronze Plaque Sign

Modern or ancient, metal plaques provide instant status. Metal is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. If a message is worth telling, it can stay affixed to a building for a long time to come with a plaque fabricated from metallic material.

These plaques can be found in more places than you might think. A historical building might show that this house was built in 1776, for example. Another type of these plaques might be informative, like George Washington slept  here ….and so on.

Places Where You Can Find Metal Plaques

In areas of cultural significance, a special insignia or logo may be created to show its membership to a group of important national buildings may be posted on a visible location on the face of the building.  This national identifier automatically informs tourists and locals alike that the object in front of them has an important historical and cultural meaning.  This may be accompanied by another metal sign describing the reason for its significance, like the Romans first landed here in 160 A.D.

metallic bronze plaque signageThey can be displayed almost everywhere.  They may be located embedded in the seaside walkway of mariner ports, describing a battle, situation or other noteworthy historical fact.

Bronze plaques can be seen on the sides of cliffs and installed on pedestals to annotate an important battle, execution or other event worthy of public knowledge and respect.

Bronze, brass, or aluminum plaques are often used to commemorate donations made by benefactors at a university, club or other public institution.  They may be posted in rooms which are made to honor a prior student who ended up making important laboratory discoveries or helped mankind advance educationally or scientifically.

These honorary displays may be also placed on awards, medals of honor or cups which are given to the championship winners in speech and debate club victories, winners of a racing car tournament, ski championship, or any other important competitive event.

Other Applications 

There is no limit to the events or places that metal plaques can grace and enhance.  If you have received an honor – from employee of the month to Most Valuable player for the season – don’t be surprised to receive the honorable mention with an engraved plaque which describe who, what, where and when.  These can be easily mounted on the wall or kept on the work desk to reflect upon and show one’s descendants like children and grandchildren at a later date!

Stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, or brass signs don’t need to be large in order to be effective.  They may be small – no larger than an adult’s hand – but impressive nevertheless.  The small one outside a person’s door may show the family name, address or other pertinent information.

Grave sites are also famous, where these items can be placed.  There may be placards placed on marble headstones, crematoriums with small pots where they can be easily affixed.  Large bronze displays are often seen outside a country club as a status symbol-type of sign. The club’s membership rules may also be shown on an aluminum or bronze plaque so that club members know the rules and regulations of the club regarding dress and decorum.

When you have one made for your business or home, use professional language to make a maximally positive first impression.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have it made. Check this out.

For those who want to remember their kids shoe size, there was a trend back in the 1950s of bronzing their baby’s first pair of shoes.  This looks great when accompanied with a plaque explaining who wore them, the date, and the date of birth.  This type of memorabilia has fallen out of favor but it still remains a favorite among some for placing on the mantle.

Use one of the various types of metal for a plaque to add importance to an event, promotion, or location.  These attractive signs show that you are a person of quality who will be around in the future.  Metal plaques last a long time and are designed to look good for their lengthy existence.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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