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How to Optimize Sign Display with Wooden Letters

wooden letters,Wood letters,dimensional letters

Wood always looks quite nice when it’s been carved and placed in an attractive display, be it sign, lettering or even an engraved picture frame.

Using wooden letters adds a touch to your message, whether you need to inform customers of your company name or wish to leave an impressive set of initials near your mail box, or adding to the decor and sophistication of your house’s appearance.

Using Wooden Letters to Carve Classy Sign Displays

Wood Sign Lettering

Wood is a natural fiber, with beautiful grains, variations and color hues.  There are many types which add a luster and resonance to whatever you wish to display. It gives a look and sentiment of solidity, nostalgia, of something true to the earth, hinting at integrity and dependability.  All of these are excellent subliminal messages for your clients, friends and acquaintances to receive.

There are all types to choose from. They may be flat or convex.  They may be in block style print or in cursive, handwritten style. Even fanciful modern scripts are available, so consider all of your options. Birch or alder may be used, as well as synthetic HDU (high density urethane) which, if painted, no one can ever tell the difference between it and wood! With a little investigation and computer “window-shopping” or web-browsing, you can come to the conclusion which style and material make the most sense for you and your needs. It’s an individual decision that only you can make for yourself.

Where to Put Wood Sign Displays

Once you decide what appeals most to your senses, you need to ask yourself the next question: Where can you display wooden letters? Well, they can be placed almost anywhere that the human eye can see them. They are fine when installed outside, and better if they are under a protective roof edge or other partially sheltered area. They are also quite suitable for display inside your home, like in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or nursery for example.

A large family initial may be used as an accessory with framed family photos in a hallway gallery. Imagine the thrill your teenager will experience to see her name spelled out in fanciful wood script lettering over her bed! Of course, your son may appreciate a manlier, block style presentation. Who could question that this is “their” room, desk, bed, or play area? It is a simple touch that adds a lot of character, and for much less than other wall decoration alternatives.

Furthermore, they may also be hung by a ribbon as hanging displays or you can even frame them, which are extra nice to see. The hanging style is cute for a baby’s room or a little girl up to her teens. As an alternative, a simple mounted presentation of the letters A B C may add didactic pleasure to your preschooler who will inevitably reach out and touch the different shapes, curves, and texture.  This type of learning is very important for young children and is among what child developers call “smart toys“.

You have a choice of block-style printed, or even cursive letters which need to be hung up individually. Your creativity can really go wild. They may be placed in a whimsical way or in a proper straight line. They can be carved out from a long continuous piece of wood.

Painted or unpainted, stained, varnished, antiqued and more – the options are truly endless. One thing remains the same – a classic is a classic. The difference between wood and plastic speaks volumes. If you choose unpainted wooden letters, you may paint them with quality acrylic paints or however you like to create a personal touch that can never be duplicated.

What do you think of having wood as the main material for a sign display? It is classic and conventional, although most people might opt for the edgy metal material. Share us what you think in the comment form below.

Visit here if you want to have a glimpse of how these signs can look like.


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