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Why Opt For Plastic Sign

Plastic Signage

Some people think that plastic gives a connotation of flimsy, false and newfangled. Not so, we think. It has been around for a long time. Not only is it good looking and long-lasting, it’s a great choice for a quality plastic sign.

Combining a light and a frame can give your polycarbonate signage a very professional look. Who would guess that the beautiful display in front of your store, office and restaurant is made up of polycarbonate encased in a handsome frame.

Features of Plastic Signs

polycarbonate sign letters This display is more common than you might think. With fluorescent lighting over top of or behind it, it is amazingly visible and effective. The various colored materials have good color retention.

Polyethylene holds the colored dye well, allowing it to stay fresh and true to color for longer periods of time than some other sign material options. Plastic is also less expensive compared to others. The synthetic material is neither difficult nor costly to produce as metal or wood. Modern techniques have actually lessened the cost of production, passing along the cost savings to you.

Easy to Work with

While weather or vandalism is not major concerns with them, if they are destroyed, they are inexpensive to replace, unlike metal or wooden signs. With polycarbonate or high impact acrylic back-lighted displays, all you need to do is remove the frame and replace the plastic sign then insert in the display frame.

Dimensions and Shapes

Most can be made in various dimensions or shapes. The most common shapes include rectangular shapes which can be posted on a gate, fence, or in a frame. They can be from thin to thick – from .001“ to ½“ thick or more. Some materials like polycarbonate come in rolls, but most come in sheets, the most common size being 4′ x 8′.

Standard available pre-cut sheet sizes are 24x 24in., 18x24in. and 12x18in., with other sizes available when required being sheared to size. The smaller rectangular shapes which are ideal for posting on a chain link fence are most often 10×14.in, 4x8in., and 3x6in. Other available shapes include circles, triangles, octagons, badges, and shields.  Of course, custom dies can be made to make whatever you want.

Most regulatory signs, such as a “no smoking” post, is included in the plastic category.  Others include the “No Trespassing”, “Employee Parking”, various warning posts, “danger” signs, or even those ubiquitous “Wash Your Hands” note. These can be seen just about everywhere in the United States and internationally.

If it’s another dimension that you are looking for, no need to worry. Custom orders are accepted by most good shops. The one you need can most likely be made to order, so get your specs to a reputable company and they’ll get you what you need. A polyethylene, for instance, can be custom die cut to your specifications, so sketch up your idea and the experts will create it for you. Using double-sided tape to post the sign in the location of your choice is a popular way to install the ones when you receive them.

The Sign’s Durability

Extremely durable in both hot and cold weather, these are very tough. If you are worried about them melting in the heat or bending and breaking in the cold, there’s really nothing to fear. Even zero and below temperatures do not destroy, warp or ruin your strong display.

Color Matching with Printing

Custom color matching and patented Pantone colors are available on most orders for printed designs. The set up costs should normally be included in the price quoted. As stated previously, most reputable companies that make them will offer die cutting, color matching, double-sided mounting tape, and hole punching.

Once you look around, it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t have at least one posted on the premises. They are welcomed almost anywhere, because it can be easily read, seen, and maintained. Technology keeps advancing, and the modern signage is truly beneficial to all business owners. The look is fresh, the cost is minimal, and the satisfaction and results are optimal.

Click to view more about custom making of large format plastic signs.


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