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Get to Know Custom Directional Traffic Signs

Personalized Signage

We can’t help but notice them during our daily drive to work or to the shopping mall or even on a visit to friends or relatives. Those bossy signposts like STOP or Yield or even ones that tell us there’s a detour ahead. They may seem to be pushy or authoritative and they are, but with a purpose.

These custom signs are put there by regulatory laws that are meant to keep us safe. When you take your written driving exam in most states you will be presented with a variety of shapes that depict traffic markers that are in use. You should be able to identify the most important signs by their shape in order to pass the test.

Traffic sign identification 101

customized traffic signage The triangle shape, for an example, is a Yield signage while an octagon shape (eight sided) depicts the STOP signage and is a bright identifiable red color with white lettering. Another important guide post identified by its unique shape is the round one usually in use as railroad crossing warning post.

Diamond shaped ones are usually reserved for directional information such as Deer Crossing, Road Work Ahead, and DEAD END warnings.

Rectangular shapes offer more information that give directions such as SPEED LIMIT 55, NO PARKING or STOP AHEAD 500 FEET. An important safety note is the house shaped School Zone mark.

Most of these customized posts are manufactured by independent companies rather than state or government owned businesses and can be special ordered to meet each individual requirement of states or cities.

Custom signs must meet certain criteria and be reflective

When a city or state purchases street signs they want to be sure they will be uniform in quality, be painted with a reflective material for good visibility at night, and are built to last a while. They will have high standards and expect the maker to follow their instructions to the letter. Manufacturers love these types of orders because they will be repeat business for decades if they make them happy and being able to boast that your company makes these for the state of etc. is always a good recommendation for future customers and their orders.

Personalized designs can be fun and affordable

Drive out to the country anywhere and you may notice such personalized designs as those stating duck crossing or slow down for the chickens. These and many more ideas can be ordered in the same sturdy materials as those used for state highway signage. Many farmers have fun watching those who drive by their farmhouse read the signpost then slow down and look around for the chickens or whatever it warned about. But they also wish to impress upon those passersby that livestock is loose out here in the country – so please beware!

Big city Directional Markers are a vital part of the daily commute to the city

Those big green custom signs that hand down from freeway overpasses or stand alone along the road are there to guide motorists to where they wish to go. Having them visible well before you need to move over to exit the freeway or merge left to allow oncoming traffic is very important to every driver. Signs such as those that state Ventura and Los Angeles traffic merge left help keep many of us from becoming frustrated or actually involved in a collision with other traffic.

Look for alodized aluminum for your high quality made products

A high quality form of aluminum, one which meets US government as well as the Canadian requirement, is termed alodized 5052-H38 aluminum, and meets specific hardness and durability requirements from the USDOT and works best as signage for outdoors. It comes in various thicknesses such as .040, .080, .063, .100 and .125 which can be used and qualifies for most uses. 3M makes retro-reflective vinyl sheeting and that is customarily laid over the aluminum to produce a highly reflective film that finishes the signage.

Some government entities have their own specific requirements such as the USPS who have their own regulations regarding parking and traffic guidance. Look for each individual business or regulatory agency to have their own specifics regarding how they want their guide posts to look but basically they will be safe and useful guides for moving ahead in your day.

To see and discover a lot more of custom signs, browse link below: www.visigraph.com/signs-letters


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