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What a Sign Company Can Do For You

Business Sign

The song says to “sign your name across my heart,” because after all, your sign company says a lot about you. The customer who has the first look at your business display will know something about your values, how much money you make and the reputation you hold.

They may judge you, fairly or unfairly, about the amount of status you hold in the community and whether or not your firm is worth its salt.

Because of these features, the signage business has been around for a long time. Almost no one is good at singing their own praises. Ever since the ancient craftsmen began creating products and designs,one was needed to inform the general public what their specialty was and where they could be found. One thing led to another.

Today there is scarcely a single business out there that doesn’t use a print display or two to get his customer closer to making a purchase.

The Role of the Sign Company Maker

The role of a sign maker is very symbolic because it acts as a mediator between the customer and the provider. There is always a matchmaking situation to be found. The customer needs the provider as much as the provider needs the customer; it is simply a matter of logistics before one finds the other for a mutually satisfying business relationship. This is what the role of buyer and seller is all about.

The Value of Signs for Advertising

company X banner stand If your business seems to be slower than it was last year, there is a good chance that potential clients aren’t finding you. You may have an excellent product or service but the ones who are looking for you aren’t finding your business. Many times, clients don’t realize they need something until you remind them of it.

A sign company also provides the role of jogging the memory of the customer who forgot that they needed make a purchase even if he forgot to write it down at home. Playing upon the perceptions of these spontaneous purchases are part of advertising, and the right manufacturer plays its part in the game of show and tell.

Your client will be glad he bought the item that he originally forgot about when he prepared his shopping list. A graphics business may provide the missing link for those who want to accomplish their objectives even if their short term memories temporarily had a day off!

A graphic advertising company may specialize in one type of signs – like wood crafted, plastic, molded, bronze, iron, or whatever. They may do well to diversify its making options to the fullest extent possible. Making signs is a matter of qualitative advertising in good taste with a clear message. No one should walk away confused from a good quality display whether it’s made of wood, metal or plastic. It’s purpose is to tell what, who, and where to find the product or service being advertised.

If you are a business owner or marketing director, a good maker can make your life easier. There is no question that you need many things – the only question is – which provider will you choose? Generally speaking, customers make a visual distinction between which graphic looks more attractive and makes their choice based on their first impression. What comes later is in the provider’s hands and they must take responsibility for that.

But getting the customer in the door is largely the responsibility of the company and the firm that commissioned the job. The manufacturer can make or break a firm by its ability to accurately convey the firm’s primary message. There is no way of getting around this plain and simple fact. Without an attractive, easily visible sign, your customers simply won’t find you. Without customers, your firm won’t survive.

So let the sign company do what they know best – bringing the horse to water so that he can drink if he so chooses.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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