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Getting the Benefits of Exposing Lawn Signs in Your Area

Lawn Signage

Lawn signs are great for getting right in the middle of the action. They are small, but pack a punch.

For example, how many people walk their dogs in your neighborhood?  Many, more people than you can imagine are walking, jogging, or driving past various yard signs – pedestrians, postal delivery carriers, UPS and FedEx drivers, recreational joggers and many more.

A Few Popular Uses of Lawn Signs

signs for yards and lawns These signs for lawns are good for political advertisements, home for sale displays, and other important public messages. Because they are accessible and visible to the general public, many public relations firms say they are among the most successful advertising mediums available.

“No on Proposition 12” – “Re-elect John Brown for City Council” – or ”Save Our Schools” – are examples of short, punchy messages that pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers will be able to read and digest in a moment’s notice. Short and to-the-point is the recipe – with bold, bright colors. That and face-to-face accessibility are probably the main reasons why plastic or paper yard signs are so uncommonly successful.

Made from paper or plastic, and held up with a wooden stick or wire frame, these are inserted in the front lawns of those who support the measure being advertised. They are designed to be printed up, affixed to a wooden or metal stake and inserted or pounded into a lawn. The more the better.

The phenomena of mass produced ads plays a part in lawn signs, too. If the average driver sees the same message posted over a hundred times, he or she will begin to believe that it’s true. This phenomenon has been proven time and time again. Those with a campaign to win know this and put yard signposts in the public eye wherever possible.

Advertising Your Establishment with Lawn Signs

Suppose you are a real estate agent with plenty of houses to sell. Your corporate marketing team will determine the color choices and logo, you can be certain. With most firms like Coldwell Banker or Re/Max, the basic sign and logo is determined by the corporate office, but the agent gets to choose a photograph or their personal logo. Realtors® may still personalize their messages and presentations so that their potential clients will know who is selling or has sold a particular home!

In a small or medium-sized community, well known and successful Realtors® are known for their selling successes and reputations for customer service and satisfaction. If you are a member of this group, it is generally more successful to join a company with a branded and recognizable logo, especially when you’re starting out, so that homeowners looking to sell their home will be more likely to work with you simply because they will find your real estate yard signage easily identifiable.

Durability and Materials

Many lawn signs are made to be used for a short term, for 60 to 180 days on the averaged. They are made from inexpensive materials, and while they are certainly not as sturdy as other forms, like metal, wooden, rigid plastic signs and others which are used for long term display functions. They are – shall we say – a quick and punchy way for your message to be posted in the average citizen’s commuter path. It’s a wakeup call for an important, if not urgent message that will soon be obsolete.

Color Tones and Graphic Design

The primary color tones of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Bright Green are most commonly paired on yard signage. Utilizing white, boldfaced lettering, or sometimes black, viewers get a freeze frame effect – the splash reaction, photo impregnation on the viewer’s inner consciousness. Like a photo flash, it’s meant to leave a hard to forget impression on the viewer, which will only reinforce the original message when it becomes seen subsequently, highly recognizable time and time again.

Lawn signs create powerful images which stick in the minds of those who read them. Because they are inexpensive to reproduce, they can be placed all over the town to reprogram the voters’ and home buyers’ consciousness. This is their biggest virtue – low cost, high visibility and excellent result. With thousands of viewers and places to view them, they are a great way to save money, get results, and turn the tide in your favor without spending money in more expensive advertising mediums like television, radio and newspaper – where they are less likely to be seen, remembered or absorbed.

For custom making of lawn signs: proceed here.


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