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Month: October 2011

How and Where to Use Vinyl Advertising Banners

PVC Banner

In my 20 years in the sign, decal, and banner advertising business, I’ve seen vinyl advertising banners used for a myriad of different uses. They can be used for a few days (cheap advertising) and up to 10 years or more (really cheap advertising!).

One piece we made for a store across the street when we first began in business looked great 10 years later when we moved, and would probably still look good now except he purchased a new sign from us around the same time. Because the owner was on a shoestring budget, he didn’t want to use the sign cabinet to house a polycarbonate signage which was much more expensive,

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Outdoor Banner Printing – The 2-second Viewing Rule

Large Format Billboard Display

There are a few things you should know about outdoor banner printing. As I’ve sort of stated in the title, less is more in outdoor banner printing. I’ll also tell you about some of the latest developments in outdoor banner printing.

Depending on the size, and where your target audience is viewing your banner from, will determine the print quality.

Outdoor Banners – How to Most Effectively Utilize a 2-second Viewing

For instance, if you’re driving down I-45 at 75mph, you have about 2 seconds to scan a billboard. I call this the “2-second Rule.”

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Online Banner Printing – How to Purchase a Banner Online

purchase banner online

With the initialization of the world wide web in the early 90’s, and the commercialization of the internet that followed, internet purchasing, including online banner printing, has gained incredible traction in the past 20 years. So much traction that companies have been built or failed – or both – in consequentially the grandest development in consumer buying since the advent of television and radio advertising.

It really took off in the mid-2000’s, and a few companies were responsible for the subsequent sharp declines in pricing that still exists in the market in 2011. But are consumers better off having gotten much lower pricing?

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How to Wrap a Car with a Vehicle Graphics Car Wrapping

Truck and car wrapping

Car Wrapping. Vehicle Graphics. Wrap a car with digital visuals. No matter how you say it, it is big business.

You see them all over the town and on the freeways and highways. This is a great way to avoid – so far – taxation on your advertising. If you put a sign on your business, the tax man will charge you for licensing that sign. But if you use it with your business name and what you do, you now have a moving graphic that will advertise your business all over town, kind of like a traveling billboard.

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Sticker Chrome Decals – Really Shiny Decals

truck chrome decals

I have to admit, sticker chrome decals may have garnered a reputation for being , well, kind of a redneck graphic. Much of that, I fear, is probably well-deserved from viewing those obnoxious Barbie silhouette on the back window of 4WD pickup trucks parked at the Ya’ll Come Back Saloon over at the state line, and that those Valvoline® guys always seem to have some redneck-ish stickers on the rear window of whatever piece of c*** they drive.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get along with rednecks just fine…they’re often great guys that’d give you the shirt off their back (just don’t try to peel those nude-Barbie graphics off the back window of their truck!).

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“Design and Print Bumper Stickers Online Free” – Truth Revealed!

bumper decals

It has become big business to design bumper stickers and print bumper stickers.

As of 2008, the US Government estimated that there were over 255 million registered vehicles in the USA. And by my “research” driving around town for the past 20 years, I estimate that about 80-90% of those cars have graphics on the bumper or rear window. To design and press them has become a big business.

How “Design Bumper Stickers Online FREE” or “We Print Bumper Stickers FREE” Really Works

If you go online and type in “

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Part 5 – History of Custom Signs and Printing in the 21st Century

Digital press

Well, I thought I would be done with this series last time on custom signs and printing, and I did actually get into the late 20th century, but I didn’t really get to where the two crossed paths. So this time, I am going to attempt to explain how they got mixed up together into one big happy family!

In recapping the previous four articles about this topic, I’ve written voluminous verbiage about where customized signage came from, East and West, and how wood items have been replaced by electrical and neon  in the past 100 year.

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Part 4 of The History of Signs and Graphic Printing

Flexographic Printer

In this installment of the history of signs and graphics printing, I’ll talk about the vast improvements in from the mid-1800’s until late in the 20th century. And where the two trades intersected to create a significant change for many sign makers.

To recap the previous three articles on this history series, we’ve talked about how signage came to be used in the West and the wood type gave way (mostly) to electrical and neon in the past 100 years or so. The end products have never been so fascinating – much of this information is new to me,

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Part 3 History of Signs and Printing from Papyrus to Gutenberg

Ancient Signage

The world is full of signs and printing in the 21st century. Even in “3rd World” countries, there are lots of this telling you where to go shopping, what to buy, and telling you when you get there. And while most of us may give passing thought about them, that’s probably the extent of your thought on the subject.

Recapping the previous two articles on this history series, we’ve now covered what signage and print pressing were used for and the standard media that displays were made of – wood – up through electrical and neon in the past 100 years or so,

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Part 2 of the History of Sign Makers and Sign Making

Gas Pricing Neon Sign

In this second article on this history series, we’ll cover everything from the 17th and 18th centuries until the present, and my hope is that you’ll have a great handle, whether you wanted a handle on it or not, all about the signage making and the producers.

Hi again…as I said last time, if you look around, or drive around, when you live in any industrialized country on earth, your locale is full of signposts. Most of us simply accept that a sign maker made all of them, but that’s pretty much the extent of anyone’s thought on the subject.

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