The Obvious Usage of Color Decals


Simple Ways You Can Apply Full Color Printed Decal Graphics

Color decals add a lot to the space that they are put into. Never mind if they are for your home or business. There are so many to choose from!

Designing Your Home

full colored graphic decal stickers If you want to add a little life to your kitchen, bright floral-colored stickers can really perk up the cooking area. Your bathroom may be in need of a face lift, as well. With these graphics, you can do so very easily and economically. Four or five cartoon characters in the shower stall or on the ceramic tile will add a whole new look and at the fraction of other home improvement options. A child’s room may seem a little plain until you find the ideal colorful decal to bring life and meaning back into the area. If your daughter loves Barbie, one design of her likeness will make it into a girls’ paradise, transforming plain walls into a palace!

Your son may adore racing cars or some other active theme. A baby’s room can be instantly transformed from boring to interesting with a balloon motif or teddy bear design. There are truly so many designs to choose from. Even a garage can have new life with a black and white checkered flag design. There are new designs being invented every day. If you have an idea that’s not available, by all means, write your idea down. Custom orders are welcome and in fact encouraged!  Maybe you are on to something that needs to be created!

Be proud of your home and give it the extra pizzazz that will make it a one-of-a-kind showpiece. But don’t let it stop there. Many offices use color decals to dress up their company environment without having to paint or remodel. It’s truly amazing what a big impact and splash of color can result from the decals designs available.

Perhaps you would like a bamboo graphic in the corner wall of your waiting room. This will soothe the nerves of the customers who feel different in the ambiance that these decorative stickers provide. Many natural looking arts – trees of all varieties, like palm, evergreen, maple, plants, flowers, and much more. There is no comparison between sitting under a bamboo grove or beside a stark white wall!

Colored Decals Graphic Artworks and Designs

Other natural type artworks include clouds, a rainbow, sunburst, sunset and starscape. These are a great addition here to give your clients a major mood adjustment in waiting for your services.

There are subtle designs and patterns as well to check out!  There are interesting shapes alternated by diagonal lines. This can provide an avante garde or otherwise polished look. It also increases your value as a service provider. You show that you value your customers and want them to feel comfortable and relaxed while in your care. As you value them, they will appreciate you more and the perceived level of quality of their product also increases. It’s a win-win situation, to be sure.

Multi-colored graphics even have a place in the executive offices and junior office suites. A Japanese cherry tree would look great in the executive suite, don’t you think?  Junior executives would appreciate a modest sticker with a low key presentation to dress up their environment where they work hard so many hours each day. It also shows their clients that upper management values their work enough to dress it up a little bit more than the average!

A long boring hallway can be livened up with a large red poppy or sunflower design. Color decals are also safety providing. They may highlight an unexpected door or other area requiring their attention and care.

Check this for personalized colored decals, and read more of their uses and applications.


What Are Industrial-Strength Custom Stickers?


Industrial-Strength Personalized Stickers in Graphic Labels and Decals

How do you describe true industrial-strength items such as custom stickers, labels, or decals without telling how they are manufactured, used, and applied? You simply relate the story of how they are made as well as what purpose they will be used for.

With so many uses for decals and other applicable materials we see them in use world wide for a huge assortment of reasons. Some are put on machinery and equipment to provide important information or warn of harm or danger. They may be found on industrial machinery, farm equipment, doors, storage containers, dumpsters, or steel drums and are intended to warn and save people from harm. Good warning labels  should be super strong and almost impossible to remove so they remain on the equipment or machinery they were meant to warn about.

Bright and colorful warnings attract attention!

personalized vinyl decal lettering Look for super-tack vinyl (and maybe laminated) adhesives which are printed with warning colors such as  bright red, yellow, orange, bright blue, black, etc., and may also have a clear background so they stand out on the product they are placed upon. Others may be available to simply identify or individualize an item such as by adding a serial number or even a bar code or QR code. These are the type of labels that should remain on an object permanently and they usually hold quite well. The manufacturer should provide an ironclad guarantee insuring the quality of their products and offer money back if they fail to live up to the promises made when they are sold and free replacement if the customer is not completely satisfied with their new adhesive graphics.

Custom Labels And Decals Can Fit Every Use Or Occasion

Industrial-strength custom stickers can be made from reflective vinyl as well, which can prove to be particularly useful in specialized situations such as on ambulances, police cars, and school buses. These highly visible designs are not only reflective and colorful for appearance sake but are providing a warning and can be readily seen in the dark or other low light situations such as the smoke filled street near a fire. Law enforcement vehicles have their own specialized reasons and use of reflective decals in that they wish to be highly visible when in a pursuit situation or when they’re working on traffic control at an accident scene.

Custom Print Displays Provide Warning on Walls and Windows

Along with providing information regarding safety on heavy duty or industrial equipment, safety labels can also designate safety equipment when placed on walls next to fire extinguishers stairwells, and escape routes. The best and most visible reflective tags will be those that provide a warning or important information in low visibility situations because of their highly reflective properties. Helmets also may bear brightly colored stickers to give information such as identification of the wearer and to make it easier to find that individual in a dangerous situation.

Accessories for Bicycles and Cars

Kids love them! Adults use them to help identify themselves, their children, or their property. Highly reflective designs have found many uses and among them is the identification of children’s property at home and at school. Even on lunch boxes these fun and useful graphics may shine brightly, letting others know who owns that property. Kids use them on their bikes to see and be seen, especially when riding at night. They look attractive and stand out in the dark, making that rider and his/her bicycle safer and much more visible.

Advertisers Appreciate Decals for Their High Visibility

Promoting a cause, a business, or a home for sale? Why not take advantage of the best sales product on the market today? Highly visible and with excellent reflective properties, customized displays do the work of an extra sales person when they draw attention with your “Home For Sale”. Or maybe your business needs more visibility and signs with decals and stickers that “shine” will help provide additional interest. Support “Breast Cancer Awareness” or “Vote for Me” decal signs can readily be visible and help gain notice in any situation. It will be there for you day and night, in good weather and bad, whether placed on building windows, truck windows, bumpers, large and small industrial equipment, stairwells, elevators, walls, and almost anywhere you can imagine them.

For custom printing of industrial-strength stickers, click here.


Maximizing the Use of Auto Dealer Stickers


Auto Dealership Automobile Sticker Graphics Designed for Vehicles

Auto dealer stickers are designed to identify where the lovely auto you are diving originated from!  They may also used on motorcycles, with equally good results!  Truck dealers use them, usually placing theirs on the tailgate or another conspicuous location so that admirers will be know where they may purchase a similar car or truck their own.

You may be surprised to learn that even bicycle dealers use similar stickers on their bikes. Boat and yacht dealers also use auto graphics to help advertise their business and show the type of quality products they sell. ATV and equipment dealers also use these like identification tags for their products.

Quality Features of Auto Dealer Stickers

auto dealership stickers for cars Waterproof, fade resistant and user friendly, dealership stickers are made to last a long, long time. They are made of heavy duty vinyl material, polyester, or are made with urethane doming, which will keep your company information easily legible and attractive for a long period of time, given the fact that they are exposed to the elements wherever they are being used.

They can be attention-getting without being boisterous. Although they are quite small and discreet, they carry a lot of weight. The classy approach seems to work the best. Usually mono-chromatic with silver or white letters, the ones that get respect look almost like an engraved plaque. There are several colors to choose from typically – custom colors are also available, though not widely used. They can also be clear polyester, and they can even be reflective. They are typically placed on the back of the car to discreetly advertise the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

There are several standard shapes that are used to attractively place upon the vehicle of your choice. There is the standard rectangle, oval, and the arched curve design with the label showing the name of the firm underneath. Auto dealer stickers can also be a trapezoid, a round emblem followed by a rectangular tag, and an oval with squared off sides or top. These shiny and classy brand name indicators can be really effective in giving the owner the respect and exposure that he wants. Some also like to have extra items printed up to place on automotive literature referring to the car’s actual warranty, consumer information and registration paperwork?

Automobile Marketing

These products started out as a car thing, but since then it has grown to embrace all forms of vehicular identification. It helps others know where to acquire such a grand vehicle if they are overcome with a case of automobile lust. It may also include important owner information like the website, phone number or address if someone is in need of contact information. If the unexpected breakdown were to occur, the driver would simply refer to the adhesive graphic display on his car to inform the tow truck driver of the address where the car would need to be towed.

They look like a small detail, but they remain an important one for both owner and dealer. Like any other brand, the car’s manufacturer is clearly posted in metallic letters in different locations on the vehicle. But the firm selling the auto is actually of more importance. The driver will have contact with the car dealership for maintenance, warranty and other follow up appointments. The name of the dealer has far more meaning than the name of the manufacturer, with whom the owner will have little or no contact over the life of the automobile.

Auto dealer stickers are really the finishing touch. They help remind the owner where they need to go when they need to follow up.

Read this for custom printing of auto dealer stickers and decals.


Custom Wood Signs for Business and Residential


Customized Wooden Sign for Home and Company Use

Look around and you may notice how some signage stand out from the rest. They most likely have been custom made and are brilliant in color and texture. Custom wood signs are especially eye appealing because they have depth as well as an unmistakable appearance of quality. Made from various types of wood, they are unique as an appealing way of attracting attention, and that’s what sells!

Commercial Business Owners Appreciate Signs That Emphasize Their Brand, Product Or Service!

Customized wooden Signage with Lettering Business owners pay particular attention to the fine details that are possible when they order wooden displays because they appreciate just how effective these beautiful items can be for their business. With so many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors from which to choose, it is simply a matter of deciding on how big to go with all the design possibilities. If the signs are meant for the side wall of a business you can go as big as you wish but perhaps a slightly more modest size would work best. Choose from a smaller 2 foot by 3 foot or go big with a 6 by 9! It’s all about the planning and how seriously you choose to “brand” your building. Sign displays are found everywhere from walls to window to doors and they all have one thing in common. They emphasize and they attract attention. So whenever you wish to bring your growing enterprise to the attention of passersby you can’t go wrong with carved or sandblasted wood products.

Residential signage bring attention to hobbies or special interests

So you have a hobby such as golf or perhaps its race cars. Maybe you are a farmer and want to show off your talents at raising goats or sheep. You can plan and design your very own custom wooden signs to show how serious and dedicated you are at what you do. “Caution Cattle Crossing” is a popular signpost that helps slow down traffic passing down your farm road. Help keep those cows alive and healthy as they cross from one field to another or head for the barn at milking time. Or perhaps its chickens that get run down as they meander around scratching up bugs or whatever you choose to safe guard by adding signs to warn about. It’s fun and attractive ones that gain attention and are amusing at the same time. Imagine a display with your own design depicting a man playing golf. He wears his best checked slacks and brightly colored golf shirt as he tees off, just like you do every Saturday morning! Fun and fantastic designs are meant to be strikingly attractive and make folks smile when they see them.

Go for a 3-D effect and wow passersby

Colors can be bright and bold or subtle and sublime it’s all about their purpose and that can mean almost anything the mind can conjure up. Choose from a light colored background with brightly contrasting figures, number, or lettering that will stand out and grab attention of all who pass by. Colors can easily be blended to get exactly the right shade or go with natural wood tones with shading that gives the appearance of a 3-D effect. Remember your letters can be visible from at least 100 feet away when they are a mere 4” and shapes truly stand out when you choose to go formal or distinctive in the font used.

It’s all about the wood you choose

Sign graphics can be made from a wide assortment of wood types. Go with a cedar or redwood sign blank and add on lettering or your house numbers in contrasting colors for a visually appealing display for your front door or front of house. Say it’s The Johnson House with under hanging first names such as Tom & Mary then the children’s names individually hung beneath their parents. This type of residential signage is very popular and each one can be individualized to suit that family’s style and taste. These are definitely a specialized way to point out any home business hobby or special interest that can be imagined!

Get to see some of the coolest custom wood signs HERE.


Entry Pass Control With Parking Permit Tags


Parking Permit Tags Give Authorization And Proper Access

Parking permit tags are used all over the world. Without them, parking lot chaos would reign. There are so many cars and just so much space to park them, isn’t that the truth?  Especially in downtown areas, this has become a significant issue. Most families have at least two cars – one for each parent – and in most cases, another for the teenage driver or grandparent, sometimes both!  So how can we regulate this explosion?

Many companies have found the solution to control who can, and cannot, enter their parking lots. The answer is entry passes. They are quite inexpensive to manufacture and very effective. The tags are made up in a specific design and logo so that they can be identified from afar. The small but visible permit is a handy way of identifying just who has authorization to park in a reserved parking area.

Entry Pass Appearance and Display

Custom Printed Hang Tag Park Pass What do they look like, and how are they displayed? These passes may in the form of self-adhesive decals, glass windshield or even back bumper stickers. They may also be hung from the rear view mirror as a plastic S-Shape which can be easily seen upon entrance to the designated park area. The plastic hanging designs have an advantage in that the driver may easily switch autos. Suppose the primary auto is at the mechanic. The driver / employee can easily remove the hang tag and place it on the rear view mirror of his wife’s car, enabling easy access and entry to the car lot without further ado.

In addition, the entire procedure can be easily accomplished without having to remove the sticker, which is really practically impossible to do, as the parking permit tags may easily become destroyed, ripped or unrecognizable.

They may be generic, in that everyone received the same identical permits. Identical ones are given to each employee so that they all match the prototype. In other cases, those may have a serialized registration number which belongs to each specific employee. This enables the parking attendant to trace the tag’s owner as needed. The auto may be improperly pulled over, blocking another auto or may need to be moved. The attendant can easily track down the employee and contact them directly and efficiently.

Hang Tag Features

These hanging plastic labels are usually about 3“x5“ or a little less so they can be easily seen from the front window. They can be laminated in a clear coat of protective covering to protect the graphic prints, although this is typically unnecessary. The serial number and specific permission showing authorization for which lot has been designated also needs to be protected from handing, removing and contaminants from one’s hands.

Other Types of Parking Pass Permits

Most people visualize a vertical hanging design, but in reality, the tags can be printed in horizontal designs, too. Hot foil may be used to imprint detailed information on the tag. A bar code is also an option if the entry pass needs to be scanned upon entry. Magnetic stripes, similar to that used on a debit or credit card, may also be incorporated into the effective park passes of today.

Colorized labels are ideally usable for a relatively long time frame, approximately one year. They are naturally water resistant to prevent warping in damp or humid weather. So, let entry permits simplify your life so that order and control are the norms in your limited and valuable designated park areas.

See here to learn more about these parking permit tags.


Designing Your Autos With Stickers For Cars


Sticker Graphics For Cars Convey Information In Them

Stickers for cars are a type of decal which has caught on well in today’s auto-centric society. Because they are small and packed full of information, they do their job well for a minimum of fuss, expense or aggravation.

custom printed stickers for vehicles An ingenious invention, car stickers can be posted on the windshield, from within or without. There are date graphics for the country of origin if you live in Europe. There are also reflective postal stamp-sized designs for cars to indicate when your registration expires at the DMV. These vehicle decals are small, but often contain concentrated information. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and yet do a very important job. The needed information is easily acquired at a moment’s notice.

Cars are usually in motion, so much of this information is gathered while they are actually moving. That means the color has to be intense enough to be visible from a distance. By using a standard shape, color, and markings, a parking lot attendant, meter maid or policeman driving a patrol vehicle can quickly and efficiently see who is operating within the limits of the law and who needs to be pulled over and questioned.

The Quality of the Sticker Material

Stickers for cars are created from materials that must withstand the smog and pollution of carbon emissions from the car itself and others traveling on the same highway. They can’t be flimsy or else they won’t look good on your car after a few days. No, they have to be durable but nice looking, too. Who would want to put something ugly on their beloved automobile?  Those that people use everyday are generally brightly colored. The adhesive is also made to last also, but can often be removed with not too much trouble. They can’t be something that would fall off in a short time due to the amount of abuse and grime that they will inevitably receive in the hot sun all day, in the rain or even stormy weather, and constantly battered with exhaust fumes and auto emissions.

Producing quality auto graphics is in fact a tough assignment, so try to choose a company with a great reputation in the business. Take a look at the Better Business Bureaurating before proceeding. After all, why place a deposit with a firm who has bungled things in the past?  Try to find an outfit with a good reputation for quality production AND who stands behind their work. If by any chance the result is not be up to par, they should be ready to fix the error to the customer’s satisfaction.

They are a relatively new development in advertising, coming into existence over the past half a century or so. For a quite low cost, they have become a method of coding and processing. It’s also an effective way of identification, regulation, and providing information. They are really ingenious because they are comparatively small, lightweight, and easy to produce and, if they are of good quality materials, long lasting. Whoever came up with the idea of using them for advertising really was on to something!

When you get your annual license plate tags after paying your auto registration, take a look at them. Usually, they require cracking in half then peeling them directly onto the metal plates. Some cars license plate labels are applied to the front windshield. Those which stick on the inside will last longer in most cases due to the lack of abuse from the outside elements. The face of the sticker must still have an excellent ink to withstand the sun’s harmful rays. Others are stuck on from the back. One type is to stick onto a hanging plastic piece which is affixed to the back of the rear view mirror. These are often times used for regulating parking lot entry designated for employees, staff or any other special group of people, not just the general public.

Should you be interested to see cool designs of stickers for cars, click here.


Why Business Signs Are Relevant in Boosting Your Business


Types, Materials, and Applications of Business Signage

Commercial Signs for Business

Look here! Business signs are right outside your shop to help your potential clients to identify your up and coming trade. This is great for a customer who is searching for you, specifically, or one who may notice you only to remember for the future reference.

It’s a good idea to let people know who you are and what you do!  The company signage you choose should be something that will be attractive, informative, and good looking. Something that is fresh, ideally with a few splashes of color, easy to discern graphics, easy to interpret script. The material you choose is up to you, depending on the nature of your business.

Not only do they say what you are selling, they tell a lot about who you are. Choose carefully the image that matches your store – or better yet, choose a sign that gives you something to aspire towards!

For Big and Small Business Owners

Large and small companies have different images, and different clientele. Consider the following – bold, metal signs. Custom designs for offices with the company logo shape and design. Back-lighted ones for an incredible impression, especially at night. A monogrammed logo. Bronze plaques. Architectural signage. Shiny reflective metal signage which catches the sun’s rays. Etched glass signage with a deep colored background.

They can be lit from within or without. They are great for day to evening visibility. They are well made to show the public that you are a serious firm.

Types and Uses

Memorial style plaques are also a good choice with a stone type border edge. These block style business signs may look massive but they can be surprisingly affordable and very durable. Although they look a little like a headstone, they often preface a large building complex with various company offices and more than one building. Short to the ground, they can be seen at eye level when you open your window – clearly visible without leaving the drivers’ seat.

It’s a good idea to place inside your office at least one lobby and directory sign on each floor of your building. They show where each business can be found within a larger complex of offices. These are as equally important as outdoor display so that clients don’t lose patience trying to find you and take their business elsewhere. There is nothing worse than an irate customer. Customers vote for their favorite businesses with dollars. If they are unhappy with the way you treat them, they will take their business elsewhere as a way of saying “You lost. That is the way it is in the business world!

If you are looking for something resembling homemade, simpler and down to earth, there are plenty of home crafted designs that can look both handsome and functional. For example, a metal signage is well suited for just about any business – be it supermarket, interior design salon or even a dairy farm. Although metal lends itself to a blue collar industry or even computer related fields, it would certainly be right at home at an auto mechanic workplace.

Metal is one of those materials that can be well camouflaged well. Your sign may have a clear glass or plastic surface but the actual graphics within it is made of metal!  Electric lights show the graphics so that the inside material is not so easily determined.

Wooden types might be a great choice for a sole proprietorship, be it accounting firm, crafts boutique or down home juice bar. There are no set rules in this business. The best company sign of all is the one outside your door which helps your clients find you. Determine which style you like the best and chose a design which appeals to your senses. Durability and visibility are also important, as well as a manufacturer who knows the trade and will stand behind the work, providing 100% satisfaction.

Go here to discover more about business signs and other kinds of company displays as well.


How To Be Smart In Purchasing Helmet Stickers


Be Wise in Shopping for Stickers Designed for Helmets

When you’re looking for durable helmet stickers, look to a professional decal printer! This business is something that professionals with lots of experience know as well as the backs of their hands. When it comes to someone who can make inventive, colorful, informative and happy graphics for head gears, look for someone who knows the ropes and has an excellent Better Business Bureaurating to prove it.

Helmet Stickers Available in the Market

graphic sticker for helmets What kinds are available?  Many! Unless you use them yourself, the average person wouldn’t know that quite a large variety of sticker graphics are out there – ready to be used, ordered or created. Look at the helmets of bikers on the highway and you will be amazed at the variety of decals to be found there. (Visit here to see some.)

Most are colorful and no larger than two to three inches in diameter. Because the helmet has a limited size, the sticker must be bright, attention getting and sized to meter. A huge one on a helmet would look out of place. Because of the size concentration issue, every millimeter is important, and artists who make them must be true professionals with a good eye for color, balance and proportion.

Who Commonly Uses Them

They are used by motorcyclists, BMX and Motocross riders, even for standard bicyclists due to the mandatory helmet laws. BMX stickers are kind of a “bad boy” image, with black and white and bold designs designed to psyche out their team mates or rivals.

Motorcycle riders love reflective decals. Since motorcycles are shiny, fast and racy, the helmet stickers must have a similar message. Some motorcycle riders like a wild look. Others choose a milder message and let their driving tell it all. There are hundreds of designs out there, and best of all, if you don’t find one to your liking, you can have some custom designs made up to your own specifications.

There are plenty of “Christian bikers” and “Veteran Bikers” out there, too. An American flag shows that the driver is a patriot or even an ex-member of the military. Maybe he or she even fought in the Vietnam War or served inIraq. The Christian biker theme is also popular. These men and women consider themselves on a mission from God and want to make it clear to passersby that they are one of the good guys.

Motorcyclists may have kind of a scary image with the black shades and the dark leather. The graphics tell a lot about the person wearing them. They identify and help break the ice. Maybe the two of you belong to the same group or come from the same county. There is much to know about another person. They tell a lot without having to verbally explain. It helps keep order and it helps others know where you are coming from and how you wish to be treated.

There are other famous headgear labels, like the infamous Hells Angels stickers. These are used to convey fear and respect, like “don’t mess with us, we are the bad guys”.

Kids in school who love to play contact sports, like football and hockey, love to place cool and appropriate logos onto their head gear to let the competition know what they are about and how they rank among the other players. They can be fun to wear and use. The school mascot is a great choice when producing decals for a team or its supporters.

Industrial Uses

Helmet stickers are used on the job, too. Miners and electricians often use them to identify their ranking and trade syndication of which they are members. Those who work in a dimly lit environment might want to use a reflective type as a safety feature to help prevent accidents. These – like any other – are informative and safety enhancing. Just like military men size each other up by the number of medals and ribbons they wear, professional hard hat personnel take a look at their co-workers’ hardhat graphics to have a better idea with whom they are keeping company.


Stylish Print Advertising with Truck Decals


Decal for Trucks Advertise Products and Services in Motion

Imagine how plain a commercial or private pickup looks without truck decals!  The big shiny monster truck would look a little like a Christmas tree without any ornaments.

decal for trucks

They can be attractive. Modern day graphics are nothing to sneeze at, and in fact, most images look more like a photograph than a drawing. The graphics you’ve been seeing in the past ten to 15 years are the result of computer-aided design and printing technology, which has become a precise artistic representation of your company logo, advertising, and much more. Some can be absolutely humorous. Imagine a design saying something like “Not Sponsored By Mommy and Daddy.” “Or Driver is Married – Carries No Cash!” They may also show what union, syndicate, or brotherhood the driver belongs to.

Print Technology with Truck Decal Production

Decals for trucks continue to get sharper and more sophisticated as time goes by. As amazing as it may seem, technology continues to drive the price down while!  This is one of the realities of technology. As technology improves, production costs go down. What a great combination for modern consumers, business owners, truck driving clubs and organizations to make the most of. Now is the prime time to think of a great design to capitalize on and get some great designs made up for you and your mates. Company vehicles also look spruced up and professional when they are dressed up with classy graphics with a clever message or design. Trucks that have printed displays versus those that don’t have? No Comparison!

Wrapping Your Truck with Decals for Art and Advertising

They may be reflective, colorful and/or shiny. These graphics are usually custom sticker designs used for advertising, driver union memberships, clubs, company logos, or other tradesman-type information. Besides being informative, they are decorative and creative. Those who love their truck are usually the first who go get custom ones made up.

Truck decals may tell a lot about the person behind the wheel. Right off the bat it’s apparent who has a good sense of humor, who is connected, or who belongs to whatever truck drivers association.

They are versatile enough to be put on the doors of your 4×4, pickup or big rig. There are a variety of options and designs available, which look great on any hard riding rig with a masculine or feminine personality. Even slightly risqué designs look good on trucks. If cartoons or cutie-type stickers are more your style, there are plenty of those to choose from, too. Something in the middle like a cowboy, samurai or other champion – fighter character gives the message that you are a man’s man. It’s funny how they can become a part of your image.

If you love your vehicle like you probably do, the car’s make and model is a popular choice for your graphic. Be it Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford or any other, many proud drivers post their vehicle’s logo on the back window for extra special pride and recognition. Some drivers like to go a step farther and mention their model name. Music fans have been known to place those of deceased legendary rocker Michael Jackson and others as a special tribute to his talent and contribution.

The Poly Vinyl Decal Material

They are usually made of vinyl and can be lightly washed. Of course, they are meant to be durable and weather resistant – they are exposed to the elements and need to be protected. They aren’t flimsy, but they also should be cleaned with a mild detergent and soft rag to keep them looking colorful, upbeat and fresh for your’s and other’s long-term enjoyment.

Check more about truck decals printing with various designs and templates.


The Basics of Sticker Printing 101


Fundamental Things to Know in Printing Graphic Stickers

Sheets and sheets of stickers (also known as decals or labels) are printed up every day. But what does the average person know about sticker printing.

The first thing is – the more that you print, the more economical the price will be.  This is a basic fact of life but it’s particularly true for printing them. In the past, this rule was difficult for most small business owners because a small order would be very expensive for them to afford. Only big companies would be able to create a specialized sticker with their company logo or product advertising on it. Thankfully, with increased technology, production has become easily affordable so that many small-sized businesses, sports teams, or individuals can have custom designs printed.

Standard Sizes for Decal Printing

digital printing of sticker labels on roll When it comes to decal printing, there are a few standard shapes on the market. There are geometric shapes, like a circle, square, rectangle and oval. There are also narrow rectangles (like a name badge), a star shape, triangle, and the ever popular heart-shape.

Besides the shape, size must be determined – small, medium or large?  Average graphics can range in size from 1 “ to 12“ in length, to 1″ x 12″ in height. Of course, large format digital press has made it so the sky is the limit on sizing. With smaller decals, many are screen-printed on sheets that are 20″ x 28″ or 26″ x 38″ Larger ones are usually printed nowadays using digital roll-to-roll printers that can print up to 60″ wide by 150′ in length. If there are a thousand small ones to print, it will be up to the printer if it is more economical to screen-press or print digitally.

Common Sticker Uses

These items are often used to label personal objects – like books, binders, pencil cases, lunch pail, or just about anything else that will hold an adhesive sticker.

If you want a custom design, it is easy to create. Just provide your own design, logo, photograph, slogan or whatever you like, and personalize it further with your favorite font, color, and edging, if you choose. The unique combination you decide upon will be one of a kind, something you can be proud of!

Peel and stick features make it easy to place your graphics on whatever you like (as long as it’s legal!). Laminating them also keeps them looking fresh and vibrant even after it’s been out and about for awhile. This is the mark of a quality sticker. It stays stuck on and the color doesn’t easily fade.

If you love them, sticker printing is able to be done in different shapes and sizes, besides the standard shapes like circles, rectangles, or ovals. Bumper graphics are another form. There are thousands of catchy slogans to choose from, but personalized designs are also encouraged!  They are often placed on automobiles’ back bumper or window, but not always. They are sort of like the billboards, and for good reason – their messages can be used to startle, entertain or provoke. Large in size and good-natured in temperament, they are meant to be read in traffic, so they need to be colorful and concise in order to be legible from a moving vehicle.

On the small end of the scale is the address label. Small but important, they are an essential link in the chain of making adhesive displays!  What would your postman do for all the returned letters that lack address labels?  Many people’s handwriting is atrocious at best, and these serve an important purpose.

Searching for a Decent Sticker Supplier

When you go looking for a quality manufacturer, be sure to find one with a top notch Better Business Bureau rating. It’s important to know who you are doing business with at the outset. Someone who has a low rating may likely disappoint you insofar as poor quality or poor business practices.

Most business people prefer to do business with someone they can trust. If for any reason that the project did not turn out as well as planned, the manufacturer should stand behind the work and make sure that a suitable product is made to the customer’s satisfaction. No need to panic, just follow up so that all parties are satisfied. This is the mark of a good business man.

To get more facts about sticker printing, check this out.


The Many Advantages of Custom Banners


Advertising Applications of Custom Banner Displays

Custom banners have become a major leg of modern advertising. Banners provide an important means to an end – informing customers and brand name recognition.

Vinyl and fabric banners can be printed up in a jiffy in a variety of fun and visually appealing materials which will retain their shape and continue to look great over a long period of time. Customized ones have become the rule more than the exception. In the past, many smaller clients could not even afford generic Ad display, never mind vinyl or cloth graphics!

The banners of today are most often digitally printed using the most modern methods of dye transfusion that is directly infused or sublimated with the fabric or vinyl substrate for a natural, long lasting effect.

Photographic Printing

Personalized designs can be photographically imprinted for an appealing and unique design. For instance, a fabric Ad hung in an art gallery with the artist’s profile is an impressive banner which promotes the artist, along with the dates or website containing more detailed information, is an excellent use for this material. There are many other options, so consult an expert for more possibilities.

Custom Banners for Advertising

personalized banner stands Advertising flags are displayed in every corner of town. You may notice that a new restaurant or store uses them to display the firm’s name before the permanent sign is installed. Those made from vinyl are easy to create and in many cases are delivered to the customer in only a few days’ time. Rush orders are often available, if necessary.  Thanks to modern technology, great fabrics, vinyl and other materials, these types can be produced in a fraction of the time they used to be. The look is truly professional. Whether it’s your company’s graphic, logo, photograph or just a bold message, they can most often be produced to meet your deadline.  Yours will be delivered in time to let your customers know that you are open for business.

Custom banners don’t just hang outside the entrance of the shop. Within a store, it’s not unusual to see product banners over a specialized display at a dry goods store or a supermarket. An end of an aisle is typically a great place for a manufacturer or distributor to purchase space to create a promotion – and what works better for a promotion than printed graphics!  They bring in the curious, on-looking public, especially when the item being featured has a price reduction. Why not, they might think. They state the message clearly and the right product presentation can be irresistible. They may be horizontally placed or propped up on a banner stand to display vertically. They can be wide or narrow, tall or medium height. There are types which expand, and those which can be linked for an elongated effect.

These personalized items are frequently used at convention centers, trade shows and malls. They can be conceptualized for a variety of trade events, specials and other transitory offerings. Because they are easy to roll up and carry home, they are a promoter’s best friend. Some come with their own carry bag, either to carry on the shoulder or put into a wheeled transport piece to carry from convention center and returning back to the main office.

Advantages of Using Custom Banners

They are great because they don’t cost much money to produce. They can be easily customized using advanced print technology and durable, custom or Pantone® colors, which are patented to be consistent and true from printer to printer. They are also easy to transport because they are lightweight and flexible. Imagine, carrying a wooden sign or billboard with you whenever the opportunity arose?  This is cumbersome, difficult and heavy. With cloth or vinyl displays, you don’t have this problem. Just roll it up or take it down, compressed into a very small package which is very easy to transport. Anyone can easily do the set up and take down when the event if over.  All he or she need to do is place the rolled or folded banner into a shoulder bag and be on her way.

Digitally printed custom banners have revolutionized advertising. Why not take advantage of modern technology and try one for your own winning ad campaign!

Visit here and see how you can benefit more from them.


How Custom Flags Are Used in a Variety of Ways


Customized Flag Banners for Outdoor and Commercial Use

Custom flags are just about everywhere. They’re so prevalent, you may almost miss them. They are posted in front of parking garages, at the entrance of new housing developments where open houses are being held, outside of supermarkets, car dealerships, grand openings, art galleries and universities. They are slim and attractive, feather shaped or slim inverted triangles designed to stand out in a non-obtrusive way. They may move in the breeze due to their lightweight and slightly bendy configuration.

These are ideal for businesses which are short on advertising space and yet need to get their brand name recognized. Sports-type products particularly lend themselves to advertising flags, although the sky is the limit. At any outdoor sporting event, function or crowd pleaser, make a point of looking around to see how many of these cloth flags are posted for their customers’ viewing pleasure.

Where You Can Put Your Custom Flags

Customized Flag Banners

You can use feather or pole-mounted banners at a food court to advertise your yogurt, burgers, or drinks. Personalized designs are great at public events, garden party type promotions, any outdoor court or large festive functions.

An advertising banner flag does what a larger customized banner would do in a larger place – it advertises your firm. These feather or teardrop displays can’t fail to be noticed. They are excellent for smaller locations where traffic is heavy and space is limited. The feather-shaped flag looks like a piece from an Indian headdress and contains vital information that will help your firm get public recognition.

A small but efficient banner flag is large enough to contain the information that you deem most important – your name, URL, and perhaps a keyword or picture of your product. These images are enough to send the message that you want and need to your clients. With the website, the interested customer will easily check their smart phone or iPod for more details. The point is to “flag” down your potential user and let them know that you are here and ready to serve, entertain, or otherwise make their lives better. These small but efficient displays do exactly that.

These custom flags can be for a variety of causes. Not only for advertising, fabric displays can be used as markings leading a client to your home office. There are a million uses for them. They may serve for promotions, personal affairs and even parties and festivals. The name of the person being honored may be placed on them with an attractive photographic profile in a black on color design. There are more uses for them being invented every day.

They look good in the grass, along the sidewalk, along the bordered edges of a golf course, country club or outside a sports center. They complement the entrance to an automobile dealership, a shopping center, or a university. They don’t take up a lot of space, but like those in front of the United nations, they make a powerful impact and always get noticed.

Instead of shouting “come over here right now!”, they whisper “psst!”  The one gets attention in modestly. It waves and bends in the wind, never begging but always attracting. They are patient – they will wait, but they will be noticed.

There is more to learn regarding these custom flags – browse here.


Taking Advantage of Sticker Printing for Graphic Applications


Different Ways You Can Make Use of Printed Stickers

Sticker printing has become very popular. Not only because everyone loves stickers – we knew that a long time ago!  It has become cheaper due to advances in modern technology. The stickers of yesteryear have nearly nothing in common with today’s amazing digitized designs. This has fallen in pricing and continues to improve in quality thanks to digital printing options and fine improvements in the effects that advertisers and users formerly dreamed of.

Stickers can be used for just about everything. There are tiny ones used for coding, there are medium ones used to imprint images like baseball trading stickers, and there are larger decals which are used as the basis for an inexpensive ad or display.

Sticker Printing 

Custom Printing on Stickers

The print processing has become easier and less expensive with improved production technology. Small designs are often on rolls, and are typically called roll labels. There are also for bumpers, walls and a whole gamut of decals that the modern consumer and business owner can choose from. It is sort of a golden age of decal making, because the choice is so varied, and the price is now at a reasonable level unlike a short 15 to 20 years ago. Development of computerized graphics helped make the process something that even a small firm could use to help personalize an ad campaign to get his business or brand name better known. As a result, both domestically and internationally, stickers printing has become big business.

The products are used as the basis for labeling. Covered with a shiny resin for protection, many manufacturers use them to get their products labeled and brand-recognized.

Items can be small or large. Sticker printing may be as precise as a photograph thanks to digital and laser technology, which puts modern printing in a completely different realm than it has ever been before. Some businessmen like to have their business cards make into stickers. This seems to give them a longer life, since something that sticks will most likely “stick around”. Business cards are easy to lose, but graphics are there for as long as the adhesive holds, which can be a long time.

Making the printed items be en masse, or it can consist of highly customized projects. There are stickers for large or small usage. They may be in bright colors or something more subdued and non-attention getting but nevertheless attractive. Some of today’s modern designs are quite classy and can look completely discreet, they are almost too lovely to just be stickers!  There are those that do justice to antique artwork, design and subtle hues and intonations. You really can push the envelope and create whatever your heart desires when it comes to modern graphics.

Graphic Applications

Pressing is done with designs for advertisements and businesses, as well as for massive projects. There are Photoshop designs that are ideal for cartoon-like images, like a sticker of the school mascot, prints for labeling of goods and toys. There are labels for the outsides of jars, decals showing parking registration and permits, for memberships and for name badges. The list is literally endless, and it’s safe to say, that without them, the world would not be the same. They have become an important part of our daily lives.

Check here for more info about sticker printing and other related graphics.


Why Wooden Letters Are Still A Favorite?


Traditional Wooden Sign Lettering Never Grows Old

Wooden letters are a traditional favorite that are always modern and attractive. They are smooth and substantial, giving the look of polished refinery. Wood is a natural substance, which is finished with a clear varnish or paint. They look great in traditional settings. They give an appearance of tradition. Whether your business is old or new, these routed lettering cue your client into thinking that your business has been around for at least a few generations and will be around for generations to come!

Wood graphics look great as professional office signs. Many lawyers, accountants and other professional individuals choose the upscale presentation of wood letters. They tell customers that they are a serious firm, one that has history, and that will be around for years to come. Perhaps it is a psychological response, but wood infers stability.

The Wood Material

Wood Lettering Signs Wood is one of the last types of natural, porous materials being used. With synthetics making a very plausible substitute material for most products, it is nice to know that they are still being widely used as signs.

Wood letters are attractive and nice to touch. They are routed then sanded and finished; they bring to my mind happy moments of playing with wooden toys and rocking horses during childhood. The feel of a wooden toy is a soothing one, like sand through the fingers. The feel is a comforting one, and the visual impact of wood is also a mentally soothing one. It is truly amazing how such a tiny detail can make such a huge impact.

As time goes on, they retain their dignity and class. They may be varnished for a deep shine or they may be painted in bright clear colors, like painted blocks that children use in primary school. Their unmistakable attraction is hard to deny.


They can be small, large, convex or flat. These dimensional lettering can be done in block type or they can be carved in cursive text as well. They can be hung on a sign post if a proper background is created. They may be mounted onto a flat surface and surrounded by a frame type design to highlight the graphics even more. There are many approaches to sign design using them. Perhaps there are still more which haven’t been invented yet!


They are also durable. By using a moisture-resistant finish, natural humidity can be blocked out and they will be in good shape for years to come. This is one of the benefits of wood. They are qualitative and classy, AND they are protected from the rain, snow and mist of early morning dew.

Wood Display Applications

They can be a nice attractive look for your family business or even beautify your home. They look good mounted directly on the wall in block or fanciful semi-script styles. Another style you may not have thought of is to individually hang each of the letters on a pretty strand of ribbon and tie it in a bow, secured with a nail. The applications for wood are varied, and the finishing is also something that can be expanded upon.

Clear or dark wood varnish show the wood’s natural intonations and grain, which is very lovely to see. If you aren’t so excited about the natural color of wood and would like to liven things up with a fresh color, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from. They can be all one color or a combination of primary, secondary or pastels. The choice is yours.

When it comes to these wood signs, you really can’t go wrong. Mounted or hanging, for home or business, the look is universally appealing and the result is always the same – increased notoriety, long-lasting beauty and great value.

View some sorts of wooden letters here:


Creative Applications for Metal Signs


The Features of Metallic Signs that Suits Their Use

Metal signs can be seen every day in almost every neighborhood.  Mostly made of aluminum or various other metallic elements, they are used for city parking, road, realtor , or business signs. They may be placed on fences – like No Trespassing, Beware of Dog, Security Company X, and Private Property, to name a few. Yard signage advertising a builder, remodeler or even a fumigator may be placed in the front of the house where work is currently underway. Any long term project which may attract attention can be best utilized by posting sturdy, colorful and informative displays to advertise along the way, taking advantage of the curiosity of those passing by.

License plates on boats, motorcycles, trailers and automobiles are also made from metal.  Advertising businesses like “Sue’s Nursery” are a great way to let the public see what you are all about. Most particularly lend themselves to more basic professions, like a Hardware Store, Nursery, Auto Mechanic, Plumbing Service, and so on.

Metal Sign Features

Aluminum Office Metal Signage

Metal signs are given a moisture resistant protective finish to keep them fresh and rust or corrosion-resistant. With a special type of paint, they are decorated and sealed with a protective coat of paint that helps to withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays which may strip many signage of color. They have been treated to postpone this process for as long as possible, using modern chemical technology to create a qualitative and longer lasting product.

They provide you with a multitude of creative applications. You can choose the colors and fonts that will be appealing and compatible for your needs. They are very effective at increasing customer recognition, helping you brand your product so that it is common knowledge.

Material for Sandwich Boards

These metallic displays are used to create Sandwich Boards. These A-Frame stand-along metal signs can be used for a myriad of options. They are great for indicating where to park, what section you are in, and how much you need to pay. They are used in front of restaurants to tell passers by what the daily special is, or to alert visitors to a local hangout which musician will be entertaining this evening. Because they are flexible, easy to set up and take down and economically priced, they have been a hit for nearly 100 year and remain a useful form of advertising.

That Other Great Feature

Another great feature of these items is their relative economy. If your business is situated in a highly trafficked area, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a custom parking sign for your valued clientele. Clearly stating that these parking places are for guests of Joe’s Bar and Grill only, with a 15 minute tow away time may get your point across better than if you were to shoo away violators while attempting to maintain order at your restaurant. These types truly work wonders. They appear very serious, as to say that they mean business. They are sturdy, long lasting and effective. Your message will be taken seriously, whatever the message is that you need to convey.

Thicker and Thinner Metal Material

They have the option of using thinner or thicker metal. The thicker metal is more durable and slightly more expensive, but overall, they cost a lot less than some alternative methods of signage available on the market. They may also use a nice painted text display, with or without a logo. You may choose reflective type made of reflective aluminum to reflect light from oncoming traffic headlights and to be more visible at night. They are a tried and true method of informing the public in a low cost, effective and long lasting way with a material that’s bound to last a long, long time.

Check out more about metal signs here ->


Cheap Banners Let You Advertise at Low Cost


Cheap Banner Displays for Small Business Owners

Cheap banners are easy to print up. These print displays use short term information, so those on the cheap really make (dollars and) sense. Place the information on some of them, designed to get you publicity at a moment’s notice! Never mind if they won’t survive the winter – they won’t have to. The point is to get them out there, printed up and easy to read, to get your product sold while it’s hot, like a batch of fresh hotcakes off the grill.

Thanks to desktop publishing and modern materials, the fantasy known as low cost printed displays have become easy to get. Technology has changed everything (again) making what was formerly out of reach for the little guys now completely manageable and accessible. Equal rights for advertisers, and affordable ones for all who need them!

Banner Material

low price banner stand

Mainly constructed of durable vinyl, or even fabric, nowadays, the products are not flimsy. Because of the high grade of the material used, they aren’t easily damaged. They are ideal for the text, images or even uploaded photo image which will make yours look as though it was costly to procure. Only you need to know the truth – cheap!

Design and Display

Low-priced advertising tools can be designed by any designer with a computer. A logo and some text – and your prototype is ready to go. They are made from durable vinyl and are excellent for birthdays, anniversaries, advertising, contractor banners put up at the building site, and any other important announcement that needs to be posted in a hurry.

But wait, there’s more! Cheap banners can be used at a grand opening of a new store. They are great at homecomings, high school reunions, sales, grand openings of a new shop or boutique, charitable event, college course or real estate banner (this property for sale), and much more. Anytime you want to express yourself, a they all get the point across, and they do so for much less!

How much is less?

Well roughly speaking, by using synthetic vinyl, which incidentally holds color for a long period of time, your banner may cost you a good 30-50% less than fabric types. The method behind the madness is to effectively get the word out in a rapid way before the information has gotten stale or obsolete.  The point is to print quickly, cheaply and post the details about your art gallery’s grand opening, the blood drive at the local high school, or open house for parents, this coming Thursday. Time is of the essence, and this is the age of the PC and the internet. What a great combination to have at our fingertips. Use them to your best advantage and order the liveliest looking low-priced display you can think of – your customers will get the message!

Making Customized Designs

Custom designs can be made almost any length desired.  Widths may vary, and by all means, take advice from our professional designers if you aren’t sure which dimensions best suit your product. While size is no problem, the combination of size, color, and layout must be considered to create the ideal presentation of information and entertainment. They call this phenomenon info-tainment. With a little mixing and matching, you will find the ideal combination which will reel the onlookers in, leaving them too curious and fascinated to not come take a look at your special event.

It’s amazing what a small thing like a banner does to boost the mood of a party, gathering or business / educational event. Many who formerly thought it was “no big deal” changed their tune when they saw how nice it was to actually receive such a custom design. Best of all – no one would have ever guessed that this special order was an inexpensive on that just managed to look like a million bucks.

Want to see some economical yet quality cheap banners? View this.


Neon Signs for Economical Business Advertising


Signs Made from Neon Materials As Adverting Tools

Neon Shop Signage

Neon signs are more popular than ever before. After their debut almost a century ago, neon had the reputation of being something flashy, other worldly and ultra modern – and ultra expensive.  These days, the lights have taken a more subdued role but remain very important in alerting customers of important information.  They have been proven to be more effective than radio, TV or newspaper. A picture is worth a thousand words, and they remain a picture in the viewer’s mind for a long period time afterwards.

One of the main reasons for this type of signage is that they are highly visible, be it night or day. A proven success, they are both economical and very effective. In these days of rising electricity costs, they use less electricity than traditional electric signs. Neon lights may be easily customized to create a unique message that best suits the advertiser’s needs. They are affordable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly with minimal electric consumption and virtually no waste.

They may be combined with other types of advertising campaigns to add an exclamation point to other promotional type banners or signage. They definitely add a little pizzazz to your existing window display.  Something about brightly lit signs allure customers, urging them to come inside and investigate.

Most Popular Neon Sign

Probably the most popular of all neon signs is – surprisingly enough – the OPEN signage. This is undoubtedly the most important message a shop owner can convey to passersby, that he or she is open for business! The basic OPEN lettering is one that many proprietors would be hard pressed to live without. Whether the message is in cursive script from left to right (as a more gentle reminder – as in, “yes, we are working“) or in big bold red and blue capital letters framed with an attractive trim, or even a Manhattan style from top to bottom, they continue to get attention, which is good for both you and for your prospective customers.

Many people hate to stick their heads inside a door to ask rudely “Are you open for business?”  Although it’s a given that shops aren’t there to just pass the time, no one wants to be pushy – for all they know, the owner is doing inventory or working late after normal business hours are through. The lighting OPEN display works wonders, because it is so easy to see from a distance. There is no embarrassment – no need to ask – just walk right in. Doing business with the public can most usually be a touch and go type of thing. Humans are famous for being easily flustered, embarrassed, put out, made to feel put on the spot, or pressured into working longer when they were just getting ready to pack it up. That’s why the OPEN note is so important.

Graphic Design Ideas

Other great displays include a small symbol and a word or two to spell out, from a respectable distance, what their business is all about. Do you provide income tax services?  Are you a night club, coffee shop or full service restaurant? This is all information that the customer would love to know without appearing nosy or pushy.  The nature of sales is most generally from an attraction versus promotion aspect.  This is the most successful way to go about doing it. The hard sell can be exhausting to the salesman and annoying to the prospect. When both parties are warmer – in other words, when the client is considering the product, communication becomes much more effective and fruitful. These products enable you to do this. The customer is able to size you up and then come to you, which puts doing business on an entirely different, and more enjoyable, level.

If you want to get even more attention, try putting using flashing neon signs.  They are active – so who can disregard them? They are always noticed, but flashing ones are noticed first.  Whatever is the most important thing you wish to convey – like “Enter Here” or “24 hrs / day service” for a busy restaurant – are the types of messages that your visitors will notice first – and forget last.  “Restrooms” is another good choice for it that will do the job effectively, without saying a single word.

If you are interested to discover more about these sign types, visit this page.


Making The Best Out Of Refrigerator Magnets


Alternative Options in Using Magnets for Refrigerators

You know what people love to give and even more love to get – refrigerator magnets.  The more fun they are, the better. They should be attractive, squeezable and easy to stick on your fridge – or anything else magnetic. Hard or flexible, round or square, magnets are a great conversation piece. They decorate your fridge and advertise your company all at the same time.

graphic magnets for the fridge

Kids of all ages love magnetic items. They are ideal for attaching a shopping list to the refrigerator, a love note or a “honey do” list. Colorful and fun to look at, they add a little pizzazz to a sterile kitchen interior. They are useful as well as decorative. It’s hard to imagine what we ever did without them!

Good quality ones stick onto a variety of metal surfaces. They stick to the fridge, of course, but that is only the beginning. Your magnetic ad can stick on a metal locker door, a lunch pail, the side of a metal cabinet, the dashboard of a cockpit, the side of a washing machine or other home metal-based appliances. Let your imagination go wild!

Why are they Effective?

Why are these  so effective at getting your name out there? The main reason is probably because they are so much fun to stick onto things. Even better than that, they are an excellent way to publicize your event or business – because first, they are highly visible – and secondly, they don’t cost that much to make.

Making refrigerator them is fun because there are a ton of options at your fingertips.  Do you like a state shape?  “Fine!”  Whether you are from the Show Me State or theGoldenState, suitable designs can be produced.  Calendar – types are also available, as well as performance / athletic / hunting / or any other type of seasonal designs.  Choose your favorite.

Some professionals prefer to have their business card be produced as a magnet.  This is an easy way to give their card additional value – it is more likely to be stuck on a surface than to be thrown into the waste basket.

Refrigerator magnets can be made up as a duplication of the local school mascot to help drum up support for your local team.  There are those that are designed to convey a message, like dishes washed / dishes dirty, depending on whether they are right side up or upside down.  Their application is universal and truly creative.

Since most people have a reason to visit the fridge more than a couple of times a day, the magnets have become surprisingly well assimilated in life’s daily routines. They, themselves, have become more sophisticated with time, making them more attractive, adorable and almost collectible.  In only a few years, they have come a long way, and it seems like it won’t be slowing down any time soon!

A Little Giveaway to Clients

Do you want to give your client something that they won’t be throwing away anytime soon?  These printed graphics are appreciated, even to the point of being treasured.  Company literature or a sales brochure has a more likely chance of being tossed into the waste bin – but they are a completely different story.  Besides their utilitarian function, some sales people have become bona fide collectors of these items, take pride in the number of quality ones they have accumulated so far.  This goes without saying especially when yours is special, unique and has appeal.  The number of people who see your design may truly surprise you.  These are the sorts of things that go beyond the normal sales equations of supply and demand, buy and sell. Invest a little in quality ones and you might be surprised to see where they end up!

Originally made from scrap magnetic material pieces left over from producing truck decals and other larger display boards, fridge graphics have become a sales medium and force in and of themselves.  They remain one of the most popular types of advertising available.

Click here to experience the various kinds and designs of refrigerator magnets..


Available Options for Address Plaques


Address Plaques Add Understated Sophistication

If your home is one of “those” homes – or you would like it to be – an important feature is having metal address plaques outside the door. They show that a person of importance lives inside. They whisper elegance, sophistication, and hint at understated wealth.

Plaque signs can be placed near the home entrance, near the doorbell or on the family mail box. Another version, the lawn signposts are ideal for the home where the front door is not easily visible. These small displays show visitors that they have come to the right house with a classy, understated and effective address plaque mounted on one or two poles, informing visitors what address they’re at.

What Types Do You Have To Choose From?

Plaque signs for address house number

If you opt for the classic wall variety, those in many cases range in price from a modest pricing to somewhat expensive, depending upon your style choice and the type of metal you choose: brass, bronze, aluminum, etc. Bronze may show just the street number – which is adequate for most people who know how to find you, or the street and number and your family name if you choose. The simple number plaques may come in several shape options – circular, oval, rounded off rectangle, and much more. The two-lined standard design with an arched center will usually have the number in the arch and any other information below the arch on a 2nd line. There are fancier designs that look like a picture frame arch design with attractive engravings – ideal for the estate owner.

Address plaques are truly an element of the upper class. When someone comes to the door, they may wonder if they will be greeted by a maid or possibly a stuffy butler!

Different Sizes

Sizes are variable. You may want or need a custom design. If you can imagine it, we can prepare it for you. Those of your desired dimensions will be made and prepared for your satisfaction. If you are choosing a lawn plaque, the right size depends on your outdoor decor. It needs to fit in, neither resembling a billboard nor being overwhelmed by huge trees or bushes. It needs to fit into the existing decor and landscape. Custom design work may be necessary, which means that you need to have a professional in your corner when you are considering the most fitting look.

Address Plaque Metal Options

Besides the shapes, many other options exist. Do you prefer brushed bronze, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel? Whatever material you choose, a protective finish may be applied to help keep your attractive new signage looking fresh and long-lasting. Designed to prevent wear and tear and shield your sign against the elements of nature, the beauty behind these items is not only skin deep.

Color Options

They have many color options, as well. Although one may think that they tend to be a dull green, golden or rustic brown tone, in fact they come in a rainbow of shade varieties and tones. Tones like copper, pewter, ivory and other nuances are bound to get respect from all those who come knock at your door.  All of them are created to show that a person of wealth and character lives inside.

Besides providing a very nice presentation to your guests or anyone else who needs to find you, it makes your street numbers very visible from the street. It prevents snooping around by delivery men or sales people to see “if this is this the right house?”  With lawn, wall, or address sign, or custom mail boxes, these incidents shouldn’t happen. The information is plain to see, and no one needs to come any further than the curb.

Those who want to keep visitors at arm’s length will best benefit by using address plaques to both help people find them and also not leave them in the dark, keeping the relationship between home owner and guest on a pleasant and professional level.

See custom making of and learn more about these signs.


Design Like a Pro With Vinyl Wall Decals


Vinyl Decals for Walls Take Your Decorating Skills To Another Level

They are easy to install and fun to look at! Those vinyl wall decals you’ve seen in showrooms, offices, and hallways, living room walls and department stores as well as just about everywhere else now days have become quite the fashion statement. Easy to install and simple to remove, they brighten up any room with a bold statement, or a more subtle yet descriptive message. Choose from a wide assortment of ideas and go big with graphics and copy that only you can imagine and create.

Choices are abundant and style is entirely up to the designer…

polyvinyl decal graphics for walls And that designer is you! Personalize your bedroom, great room, kitchen, office, or showroom environment with any type of subject matter you can conceive of with vinyl graphics. Turn your family living room into a jungle complete with animals and trees displayed on your walls. Imagine the possibilities with delightfully whimsical graphics on your child’s room. These fun and fanciful designs can be placed on almost any flat surface, creating as much style as wanted. You could also place a message such as “Home Sweet Home” on the soaring walls of your high ceilinged great room!

Walls make satisfying statements

Imagine walking in to your very own living room to see tree branches adorned with colorful birds of a feather! These birds won’t fly away because they’re merely made from vinyl and will adhere to your walls as long as you wish them to. Get tired of a design after a few years? That’s OK too because you can easily remove the old and replace with all new ideas and topics. Polyvinyl or PVC is easy to work with, very simple to replace, and a very affordable way to bring a joyful bright and wonderful bit of style to your home or work place while emphasizing your very own personality. Small individual graphics, or large, wall-sized, and entirely of your own thoughts, ideas and design, the products you choose are the ideal material to spice up your everyday life.

Expect a good solid guarantee with materials meant to last

Before buying your indoor décor make sure they will back materials up with a good solid guarantee and that means total satisfaction on your part! If you’re not happy with the results, you are entitled to a do over until it’s done right. A 100% guarantee insures happy customers and even more business because that “happy camper” will soon show and tell others about the spectacular results they’ve found with their vinyl wall decals.

Whimsical indoor environment make life pleasant for the entire family

Bring the world of a favorite cartoon or a movie scene into your den or child’s room and watch it brighten up the entire room with color filled designs meant to make them smile! Perhaps an enormous sun flower as a back splash in your kitchen? Maybe a tree branch with tire swing attached for the living room? Or how about Winnie the Pooh smiling down on your tiny cherubs as they sleep in their own beds? Whatever the imagination can dream up is possible with boldly colored graphics that can easily be replaced whenever desired.

Office environment deserve the star treatment too!

Liven up the office by adding vinyl wall decals and see those office workers brighten up as production picks up. Promote your business, club, school, TV station, or any product you can imagine by installing designs that make a statement. When properly installed these bright and beautiful graphics appear to have been painted on but are easy to remove and replace. So go bold or make a more subtle statement on your walls, either way you convey a message of your own.


Making Use of Custom Banners to Promote Products and Services


Using Personalized Banner Displays to Advertise Business with Style

Anyone who attends the local trade shows or conventions that pop up nearly everywhere year around can appreciate the effect that custom banners give to a business and their advertising campaign. Big and proud, many of these print displays state the obvious. “Come check us out! See what the big color-filled and attractive signs are all about.” They may hang from a roof or be attached to a stand, or they may be the entire stand! Retractable roll-up stands are attractive, eye-catching and allow for plenty of space to promote a business and what it represents. When it comes to overall effectiveness, they more than pay for themselves each and every time they are put to use.

Promote Successfully With Customized Banner Displays And Make A Bold Statement!

customized banner stands Telescopic banners can grow with your business. Signs that pull up and keep on coming can make your ads stand out in a glorious fashion! With a wide variety of styles and sizes incorporating highly detailed graphics imprinted colorfully on them, a bold statement can be made with your own displays and stands. Easy to use and light in weight, they can provide a flexibility to any ad campaign that allows for many different choices and options. Attached to a pole complete with snap lock rails, yours stands tall. All parts come in a convenient storage bag, ready for the next show!

Vinyl Banner Advertisements Have Eye Appeal For The Discriminating Business Owner

Most business owners want to be sure their advertising money go to good use and that the signs they use will be effective. Custom banners like those made from fabrics such as polyester and poly silk can produce visually stunning graphics that really grab the attention of prospective clientele, giving them a message that says your business is class! First class! Wood, plastic, metal, and fiber signs are each representative of high quality and have brilliant lettering and or graphics which are chosen by you, the discriminating business owner.

Double Sided Banners Pack Twice The Punch For Your Bucks!

Advertising value is doubled when the sign promotes from both sides. Double sided designs have proven their worth when customers can visualize your message when they are coming as well as going. Don’t let them pass by without seeing the message you want to convey to them. Go big with over the street installed ones that proudly proclaim your track meet, reunion picnic, town gathering, or any other big event that you wish to grab the attention of the public as it passes by. Signs can be bright and bold or more subtle and toned down, whichever fits the occasion best. Visualize the promotion and put it onto the fabric of your choice, then watch the attention it gathers!

Mesh Banners Promote with Style and Visual Appeal

Why not try some perforated mesh types  for your next ad campaign? Digitally printed, they are mostly used for outdoor events and to promote as well as advertise. With reinforced hems, pole pockets, rope, as well as grommets to help hold them in place, they work well at outdoor conventions and trade shows as well as over street events and when hung between poles.

Look For and Expect a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee When You Buy The Items

When shopping for your next custom banners, you should expect them to be offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to meet your satisfaction and be exactly what you expect to get for your money. Now, go have a great tradeshow! View here and learn more about these personalized displays.


Why Bother Bringing Out Custom Flags in the Open


Customized Flag Banners Can Reflect What You Represent

I don’t know about you but I am proud to be an American! At our house we have rather large custom flags that we put out on a pole each Flag Day and every other occasion that calls for that particular sign of patriotism. Our vehicles have small but obvious stickers that proclaim our love of this great country wherever we go and on our front door glass there are several small ones showing the U.S. flag in several different poses that were placed there by our children shortly after September 11, 2001.

Customized Flag Banners can represent many subjects

personalized US Flag Banner July 4th of each year we celebrate this countries independence and that should be appreciated all year round. When we add flags to our home’s exterior and hang Old Glory over our business location that tells the world that we are an especially loyal and patriotic individual who simply cares about this great country and all that it means to us as residents of the United States of America. It doesn’t need to be over done but just a subtle way to proclaim our affection for a country that allows us to be independent and free thinking. Now before you begin to think that I’m some wacko banner waving (and obviously older) person remember how everyone turned especially patriotic after 9/11! Everywhere you went you saw cars, trucks, mini-vans, and SUV’s with small flags attached to their windows and bumpers as stickers proclaiming United We Stand and other patriotic quotes. There had not been so much enthusiasm for love of our country since World War 2! Something about unity and fighting an enemy that was against all of us.

Every occasion in red white and blue

Small (2 ¾” x 1 ¾“) stick on flags give children the opportunity to learn about it and how it looks when unfurled or flat. They can stick them to their bedroom mirror, bedroom door, and even onto their dresser or headboard and have fun with them. Larger labels and decals look great when placed on your home’s front door, proudly proclaiming that this house belongs to a true patriot!

Our love of custom flags begins in the early school years and never goes away. Finding them on decals, stickers, and magnets allows us to keep that spirit going strong as adults too. State flags and those from our ancestors’ homeland such as Ireland, Mexico, France, and England allow us to proclaim we are proud of our family roots, paying tribute to where we came from. We “Support Our Troops” and tell others we vote for “so and so”. Each of these purposes helps promote or identify someone or some cause that is important and deserve recognition.

A wide variety of flag displays help keep our spirit alive!

Business owners purchase their stickers or even magnetic signs in quantity and they can be found on rolls or sheets in any number that is desired. Ask for a good guarantee of 100% satisfaction and you cannot go wrong! Let’s say you want a flag to cover an area of 15 square inches. This can be determined by the width times the length you actually want (such as 3” by 5” would equal 15 square inches. Want larger or perhaps smaller? That’s no problem with personalized designs because you decide what you want according to the intended use. Covering the entire front window of your business? No problem. Just measure then multiply width by length.

Ribbons Proudly Proclaim Patriotism

Flag ribbons can be ordered in any quantity and size, and they will, proclaim a cause such as vote for a politician or love of country. Order window cling decals for your personalized flag and safely remove them when the children get a bit carried away when applying some of them. Ribbons are popular and used for many purposes such as “Support Our Troops” and “God BlessAmerica” as well as to promote a politician who needs support. Keep the spirit going and the patriotism high with these ribbons!

For more information about custom flags, proceed here.


The Myriad Applications of Vinyl Decals


Places and Items Where You Can Put Vinyl Stickers or Decals

Kids love them! Adults have fun with them too! Vinyl decals are all about making an impression and making sure yours stands out from the rest! What stands out, you may ask? Well, just about anything you choose. They go on automobile windows, truck windows, skate boards, computer cases, school locker doors, work benches and tables, tractors, trailers, and refrigerators. Just about anything you can name has been seen bearing them promoting something or just to identify whose property the item is. They can be bright and colorful or simply provide the name of whoever bought them. They can be instructive or provide a warning! They can be large or small. They can be round or square, rectangular or cut into individual letters and numbers. Some are removable while others may stay in place for the millennium!

Plain to fancy vinyl graphics are found everywhere!

polyvinyl glass window decal Mailboxes usually bear an address and perhaps the name of that box’s recipient and these will often be in the form of polyvinyl lettering and/or numbers. These die cut letters and numbers can be found on sheets that contain the entire alphabet plus numbers 0 through 9. This set of perforated digits can easily be removed and placed on mailboxes, porches, and front doors or windows to identify who lives there very inexpensively. Choose from reflective, metallic, opaque, even holographic styles in a wide choice of colors and styles to individualize your property. They can even be back faced with adhesive or made with face-adhesive so you can choose to apply them inside or outside your doors or windows.

Protective decals save the day!

Decals made of polycarbonate material can be applied to almost any surface that receives a lot of wear and will protect the surface, keeping it safe from abrasion or scratches. Things like computer keyboards, appliances, office equipment, electronics, telephones, face plates, and various types of machinery can all be saved from excessive wear and tear on their surface. Besides protecting surfaces these attractive and useful ones can literally save live and time by warning of dangers or cautioning about some form of changes ahead. Baby on Board vinyl decals stuck on vehicle back bumpers are yet another example of a warning that will, hopefully, cause others to take care and perhaps even slow down! Detour signs can be quickly and easily put together to warn of temporary construction or other delays and offer directions on how to avoid problems. Warnings of high voltage or guard dog on duty may cause others to heed that warning and be more aware. This type of warning can easily be removed once the situation returns to normal, and do it very affordably.

Kids love to stick ‘em everywhere!

Buy your child a set of brightly colored self-adhesive PVC stickers and they will amuse themselves for hours! They can be applied to their bed’s headboard, their dresser, bedroom walls and doors, windows, books, and many of their toys. Just be sure to warn them if the adhesives are of the permanently variety! School age kids may apply theirs to the inside of their lockers or even onto their notebooks. A bicycle is a popular place to add some stickers too.

Domed Polyurethane for that 3-D effect!

Some appear to have a domed appearance and look thicker than the usual vinyl decals. This is due to the thick coating of Polyurethane which provides a depth to the material while also protecting it from wear. Highly flexible, they are favored by electronic product manufacturers for use on many products and found as raised lettering or embossed logos and brand names. Just about any use you can imagine may well include one or more forms of these graphics.

Go here to catch more info about colorful vinyl decals and the like.


How Custom Labels Can Help a Business Grow


Practical and Commercial Applications of Customized Label Stickers

Whether you want attractive colorful custom labels to promote your business inside or out, or bring your business name to the public’s attention, there is much to appreciate in them. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that are simply amazing! Let’s look at some of their uses.

The practical applications and uses 

personalized label stickers Business owners know that the best and most affordable method of promoting their business is with signs. They, however, can be bulky and not quite as portable as they wish for some situations. Stick-on labels can get the job done quite handily because you simply stick them onto any surface (except maybe the employees themselves). Hard hats, ID tags, coffee cups, cars and truck doors or windows, and store front windows are just some of the practical applications for your customized label stickers. Custom implies you can make them say whatever you want, then apply them wherever as a highly affordable and absolutely effective means of advertising your business. They can be window clings that merely adhere and are completely removable when you wish to change it. They can be permanent and stick through wind, weather, and abuse. They identify by applying to badges or buttons.

A myriad of uses for the most practical and effective sales tool

  1.  Businesses such as radio stations give away their stickers as a means of promoting the station and to encourage new listeners or advertise their latest contest. These will be small and brightly colored, intended to fit on vehicles rear windows or back bumpers.
  2. Pizza delivery is an excellent example of those who only want temporary promotion and can safely remove the label once the job is done.
  3. Car dealers may wish to apply permanent decals to the back of cars they’ve sold to advertise a successful sale or as temporary promotion applied to the front and rear windows.
  4. Businesses and schools may opt for a temporary parking permit in the form of a removable custom label.
  5. Politicians love to see their name on custom labels all around town! They consider this the absolutely most affordable way to get their name known, perhaps to see spectacular results at the polls.

Personalized Tags can be bold and beautiful!

Usually made from vinyl or paper, the tags can be printed on rolls or sheets that are easily handled. Selection of just the right label can be quick and simple and even a child can do it. In fact many kids love these because they can be applied to just about everything they own! Bright and full of color and brilliant graphics, the ideal design can be applied to almost anything that the owner chooses. Just make sure they are the removable type if you might wish to take them off at a later date. With such colorful and sharp graphics, they can provide a bold statement or more subtle message depending on the purpose. From shipping labels to user ID, a personalized item is truly ideal for its many uses.

Official business labels state their purpose with style and sincerity

MasterCard, Visa, banks, security systems and guards, sports teams and their logos, and other businesses use custom labels to help identify what they represent and who handles their products. How could a sports team function without identifying themselves with brightly colored spirited logos printed on decals and are then applied virtually everywhere that team might play? How can you know if MasterCard or Visa is accepted in a business unless they promote themselves on the entry doors? It’s all about promoting and competing and that’s what these printed graphics are all about! Check out here for more.


Get to Know Custom Directional Traffic Signs


The Features of Customized Traffic Signs

We can’t help but notice them during our daily drive to work or to the shopping mall or even on a visit to friends or relatives. Those bossy signposts like STOP or Yield or even ones that tell us there’s a detour ahead. They may seem to be pushy or authoritative and they are, but with a purpose. These custom signs are put there by regulatory laws that are meant to keep us safe. When you take your written driving exam in most states you will be presented with a variety of shapes that depict traffic markers that are in use. You should be able to identify the most important signs by their shape in order to pass the test.

Traffic sign identification 101

customized traffic signage The triangle shape, for an example, is a Yield signage while an octagon shape (eight sided) depicts the STOP signage and is a bright identifiable red color with white lettering. Another important guide post identified by its unique shape is the round one usually in use as railroad crossing warning post. Diamond shaped ones are usually reserved for directional information such as Deer Crossing, Road Work Ahead, and DEAD END warnings. Rectangular shapes offer more information that give directions such as SPEED LIMIT 55, NO PARKING or STOP AHEAD 500 FEET. An important safety note is the house shaped School Zone mark. Most of these customized posts are manufactured by independent companies rather than state or government owned businesses and can be special ordered to meet each individual requirement of states or cities.

Custom signs must meet certain criteria and be reflective

When a city or state purchases street signs they want to be sure they will be uniform in quality, be painted with a reflective material for good visibility at night, and are built to last a while. They will have high standards and expect the maker to follow their instructions to the letter. Manufacturers love these types of orders because they will be repeat business for decades if they make them happy and being able to boast that your company makes these for the state of etc. is always a good recommendation for future customers and their orders.

Personalized designs can be fun and affordable

Drive out to the country anywhere and you may notice such personalized designs as those stating duck crossing or slow down for the chickens. These and many more ideas can be ordered in the same sturdy materials as those used for state highway signage. Many farmers have fun watching those who drive by their farmhouse read the signpost then slow down and look around for the chickens or whatever it warned about. But they also wish to impress upon those passersby that livestock is loose out here in the country – so please beware!

Big city Directional Markers are a vital part of the daily commute to the city

Those big green custom signs that hand down from freeway overpasses or stand alone along the road are there to guide motorists to where they wish to go. Having them visible well before you need to move over to exit the freeway or merge left to allow oncoming traffic is very important to every driver. Signs such as those that state Ventura and Los Angeles traffic merge left help keep many of us from becoming frustrated or actually involved in a collision with other traffic.

Look for alodized aluminum for your high quality made products

A high quality form of aluminum, one which meets US government as well as the Canadian requirement, is termed alodized 5052-H38 aluminum, and meets specific hardness and durability requirements from the USDOT and works best as signage for outdoors. It comes in various thicknesses such as .040, .080, .063, .100 and .125 which can be used and qualifies for most uses. 3M makes retro-reflective vinyl sheeting and that is customarily laid over the aluminum to produce a highly reflective film that finishes the signage. Some government entities have their own specific requirements such as the USPS who have their own regulations regarding parking and traffic guidance. Look for each individual business or regulatory agency to have their own specifics regarding how they want their guide posts to look but basically they will be safe and useful guides for moving ahead in your day.

To see and discover a lot more of custom signs, browse link below:


Why Use Banners and Signs at Trade Show Exhibits


Banner and Sign Displays Can Do the Marketing Service for You

Many business owners realize the value of attending the trade shows and convention halls presentations. They know that is where they’ll likely put on a show that will certainly attract attention and most assuredly bring in more business for their company. As those passersby thunder down the aisles like a herd of buffalos, they spot attractive print displays and stop by for a visit and perhaps a brochure or free samples. But what cause them to stop by your stand in the beginning are the banners and signs you use. Selective use of bright, colorful and appealing designs can mean the difference between going home without your samples, brochures, or any new customer attention and having an thoroughly enjoyable time at the show while also gaining new clientele that will surely remember you when they next need whatever it is you have to offer.

Signs were invented by sales personnel to do the work for them!

banners and signs,sign,vinyl signs,overlay decals,graphics,advertising banners,promotional signs When a salesman first put up a sign promoting their business or what they had to offer it was as if they’d employed another person on their sales staff. They are meant to do the work of a sales person and grab attention of all who can see them. Why not go bold with your graphics and attract even more interested buyers than just a single sales person possibly can. Everything from labels to stickers, overlay decals, and decal on trucks and other business vehicles are meant to promote the business and grab the attention of the public. They can be made from vinyl, polyester, wood, glass, as well as various metals such as brass, copper, steel, aluminum, and even bronze. When properly employed, they can be worth their weight in gold! Good advertising doesn’t cost but it sure pays!

There’s an old adage that states that “it takes money to make money” and that is surely true, especially in today’s economic downturn and present conditions. Many business owners are afraid to spend much on their advertising campaign for fear it’s only money down the drain, so to speak. But not advertising will only serve to bring your business to a stagnant condition where it won’t generate any revenue whatsoever, making the future of your business enterprise rather bleak!

Don’t be afraid to Boldly Go with your advertising banners!

Gathering new customers is necessary to bring in “new blood” to your business, and even for keeping your already established clientele. Bringing in newcomers can increase your revenue while also attracting even more customers who are friends and contacts with your new clientele. Banners and signs will help attract the attention of those who are walking the trade shows. Using bright, color-filled and exciting graphics always garner the attention of all who attend those shows as well as any passersby at convention halls and shopping malls if you sets up your promotional venue in a visible and attention gaining location.

You only get one chance to win over new customers

Even those who have a thriving business only have but one chance to gain new customer interest and one opportunity to beat out the competition. Why not spend that opportunity with well-planned advertising display that give a positive message to all who pass by your booth at trade shows? How can you possibly hope to beat out the competition without banners that outshine theirs? Affordable and absolutely effective prints will make your business shine while your competitors lag behind. Do not allow your promotional tools to look cheap when you can promote with brilliantly colored displays that “pop”! Remember, your competition that uses sub-standard items and less-than-effective promotional language that will only serve to make yours look all that much better! Be a winner with highly effective advertising tools.

There’s always a better way of finding out more about banners and signs for trade shows, visit here:


Are Cheap Banners Worth the Cost?


Low-Priced Banners You Can Use at a Worthy Cost

Wouldn’t you love to be able to get your name around town?  Well, now you can.  There are cheap banners which serve the purpose that they are intended for – getting your brand name and product knowledge into the public consciousness!

low cost banner stands Don’t be shy in researching what types of banner displays are out there.  Of course there are options – and why pay more when you don’t have to?  The result is exactly the same.  More importantly, inexpensive ones enable you to increase the number of items that you would have ordinarily been able to invest in.

Having a cheap value doesn’t mean that the products aren’t any good.  With printing and production costs going down, it’s possible to advertise the way you want and still keep within your advertising budget parameters.

So what types of low-priced banners are out there, and what can you get for a relatively minimal investment?

Fortunately, since the advent of the digital printer, what used to be known as normal print quality on a dot matrix or laser jet printer is now labeled substandard.  Why?  Because technology keeps getting better and better, helping to drive production costs down.  Improved production techniques bump quality up another notch, which means production costs less than it used to and the final price keeps inching downwards.  This is great news for all advertisers and marketers – but an especially huge breakthrough for the sole business proprietor or entrepreneur trying to get started in a tough market.

Nowadays – cheap banners are a reality – and technology is a major reason. Great fabrics and printing techniques, like direct-to-fabric printing – also make a visible difference.  It seems that almost every year, new techniques are discovered, and utilized in a whole new way, making what was commonplace yesterday obsolete in a very short time.

In discussing the cost of a banner, particularly the affordable ones – it pays to think about the cost in aggregate.  You may be able to bargain a cost of .99 per square foot.  But then what?  Will the colors fade after the third day?  Is the fabric shoddy, unsuitable for sun or other outdoor factors?  When you buy one, the purpose is to have it ready to display at a moment’s notice.  It sours the proposition when the thing that you thought you had under control has disintegrated or ceased to be functional when you least expected it.  This is a boomerang effect at the worst – and to be avoided at all costs.

Recommendation to Entry Level Business Owners

Instead, it’s recommended to those entry level business owners and marketers invest in a quality, low-cost Ad displays – but have a good nose for what they are actually getting for your money.  The market entry barrier is noticeably lessened.  Just about any Tom, Dick or Harry can afford to advertise his business at an undreamed of banner cost compared to the one that existed only ten to fifteen years ago.  But make sure that what you are buying is worthwhile, that it will serve you as long as you need to use it.

When you seek out some good quality yet inexpensive items– by all means shop around and try to get the best deal that you can for the money!  While you are out comparing prices, try to find out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating for the firm you’re thinking of doing business with.  Ratings can’t tell everything, but like a thermometer for a sick child, it can explain a lot of abnormalities.  It is always advisable to be forewarned and forearmed.  You may learn that the firm you are contemplating doing business with is an excellent provider, or perhaps the absolute opposite.

Buyer Beware

While getting something for less is a great goal and objective, the ancient caveat “buyer beware” is also important. Make sure that your economical banners won’t end up costing you more than if you had purchased a quality banner for a little bit more.  Try to take a long term approach and you’ll get the right answer every time.  Do a little homework and you will avoid this common pitfall.  Most experts recommend shooting for a mid level price with a reputable firm, one that is prepared to fix printing errors or defects if they occur – both cheerfully and promptly.  If you get all this, you’re getting a lot for your money!

To get to know more about cheap banners, GO HERE.


The Value of Vinyl Decals


Getting Your Point Across with Printed Polyvinyl Decal Graphics

Vinyl decals can be really attractive, whether they are used on glass, plastic or any other surface.  Easy to crack and peel or remove from strips or rolls, they are designed to stick anywhere, and have a special message – try me!  Buy me!  Because they are small and fun, they carry a lot of information at a glance, and impact the viewer upon eye contact.

polyvinyl decal

The value of these graphic displays cannot be underestimated.   These little gems are like golden nuggets.  Small or large and highly attractive, they can be stuck on a variety of surfaces – and guess what – people do it! Their design and color are uplifting, never mind that they have the contact name, number and symbolism to advertise your business in a fun and happy way.

Most polyvinyl stickers are designed to be lively and attention getting, eye candy if you will.  Those for walls can state a company business name, an attractive logo and telephone number, and give you something to look at and remember, if not consciously, then subconsciously.  The little ones are almost always printed up in color, and can be die cast in many shapes – circles, rectangles, ovals, square – and any other shape to help identify your business.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Labels

The PVC labels have often been used on family products sold on a private basis.  For example, what better way to market the family winery than by use of vinyl decals?  The colorful label wraps nicely around the bottle, showing the type of wine and the brand, including a telephone and a website towards the bottom.

The same is true, for instance, for a home-made marmalade that is sold in an open air market.  One decal serves a dual purpose. Identification and promotion, which means when the jar is nearly empty, the customer will have a means to contact you again for more of the marmalade that he enjoyed so much.

Even a small label, when digitally designed and printed – can be lovely to look at and a source of pride and joy.  Photographic style quality is not uncommon – and many look like art more than advertising.  Play this feature up to your best advantage and choose a color scheme and logo that supports your business’ attributes.

Modern Vinyl Business Cards

Some modern business card holders even choose to have their business cards made as vinyl labels.  They stick nicely on to notepads and blotters, making the business card nearly impossible to lose.  All tricks of the trade – using the best of both worlds – attractive digital print graphics on well-designed graphics!

Most of them have a split backing for easy application – just crack, remove the clear tiny backing, and apply.  They can be laminated for extra durable protection for a bit more.

For Packaging

They can even be utilized in packaging, handling, and production.  A red sticker is placed on items missing parts.  Blue Air mail tags are polyvinyl stickers used to expedite postal delivery overseas by airplane.  Also, they are on the telephone informing the emergency numbers for police, fire and ambulance.  They are on the window at the bank and other financial institutions, informing customers if the bank handles wire transfers and/or the terms of issuance and receipt.

Other Vinyl Sticker Applications

They are placed all over college campuses, because they are cute, colorful and easy to apply!  Public phones usually have a few of them advertising tutoring, a nearby pizza delivery service or a rental car agency.

The next time you visit a public restroom, you may be surprised at how many of them you can count.  There will be those showing the mirror manufacturer’s name and at least a half a dozen advertisements – all using them as a medium of advertisement.  There will probably be one on the toilet and inside the bathroom stall.

Vinyl decals are only limited by the creativity of the people printing them.  Fortunately, creativity is never at a loss – it keeps regenerating itself in new and better ways.  Whatever message you have to say, they are a great way to get your point across. See this to get more knowledge about these graphics.


Places Where You Can Install Vinyl Lettering Displays


Sensible Purposes in Applying Lettering Made from Vinyl Material

Vinyl lettering can go just about anywhere! In fact, it’s hard to think of a place where it doesn’t belong.

Often posted on the sides of walls, they add a decorative message as a back drop to a fancy reception desk at a professional office like a law firm or doctors’ office. They may be scripted or custom designed, with a built in spacing. This makes them literally fool proof to apply.  Simply peel, apply and you have a wonderful fresh message which helps set the tone in any office.

Where to Put Up Vinyl Lettering

graphic polyvinyl letters

Vinyl lettering can be placed on showroom windows in deep, bright tones to indicate a reduction sale or some other important information. Even the name of the business can consist of pvc letters.  Pressure-sensitive vinyl (PSV) letters has come a long way in recent years. It’s not as obvious as it once was. This has become more refined, varied and user friendly for a cozier atmosphere and a nearly universal application.

For example, glass or wooden doors often provide a backdrop for pvc graphics.  PUSH or IN or NO SMOKING are all made from those materials!  ENTER, EXIT, Restrooms – the options are limitless. They are also commonly used to specify the normal hours of a business, easily replacing the hour if the times were to change. This is an inexpensive option for businesses with varied times throughout the year, like a tourist destination. It is less expensive to replace a single number than to have a brand new sign printed up. They save the day (again)!

Product Durability

The products are durable enough to use out of doors as well. Many businesses post contact information on the back window of their vehicles using them. They also look bold and handsome on the outside of a truck trailer. They can be huge or small, sporting company name, contact information, and even a website address. Compact delivery autos often show a toll free telephone number to contact for delivery information – and guess what – these too are made from pressure-sensitive vinyl.

You may be surprised that the graphics are also used for boats! Yes, they are that durable. With a variety of text, vinyl letters are both attractive and very useful.  If you were to gauge by the appearance, most people would guess that such attractive letter was painted on, not simply a peel and stick message made from PSV. These days, technology and beauty have come to realize a very profitable and enjoyable partnership.

For Product and Service Promotions

Advertising with these printed materials almost always has something important to say. It has a style that can be shouted – like 50% off! Or whispered like Chris and Joan’s Van.  Custom design is already pre-spaced, so it’s practically foolproof to apply.  It’s designed to let you get the perfect look that you desire – practically impossible to mess it up when you apply it to the wall.

Other Applications

They are also used on children’s toys, snowmobiles, autos and other fleet vehicles. Without them, it would be hard to identify one from another. They are also used by the police force on the roof of the squad cars so they can be identified by helicopters. Washable and color-fast, they are designed to withstand the dirt and grime of city traffic, snow, smog, weather and the harsh sunlight day in and day out.

Vinyl lettering has come a long way in such a short time!  From being a purely functional thing, it has gone beyond its former limitations and evolved to something beautiful and artistic. No wonder that it is almost everywhere that you want to be! View this to see more about this graphic printing.


Ideas for Wall Stickers Applications


Customized Stickers for Walls – Private and Commercial Use

Wall stickers are great at doing their job – informing the public all about your product while firmly affixing themselves to all types of walls. They advertise your business with special decals, large graphics and many times resemble art. Who but a professional would guess that the big, impressive sign on your wall is really a sticker! They have many uses and applications, and can appear as fresh and delightful as a mural. Thank goodness, you don’t have to commission a private artist to come paint on your wall. The printed graphics are designed to look impressive and in the long run, amazingly similar, but at a fraction of what it would cost you to have done up by a professional artist or interior decorator.

Wall Sticker Uses and Applications

graphic sticker for walls

These decals for walls  can be found in more places than you might think.  Depending on your needs, they can be used for outdoor advertising as well. They can be mounted directly to sign boards all by themselves, or be backed with a metal, plastic or form core to give added dimension, body, width and substance. It all depends up on the look you are trying to create.

Interior applications can add a lot of life to your business interior. An over-sized cling of your product assortment helps customers see all in one glance what their options are, and how to make a choice between the options you are presenting. With a colorful contrast and sharp trim, you can’t help design your way into their hearts, since it is, in many ways, closer to art than advertising.

Also, they work well for event promotion, too. Their sheer size and attractiveness get the attention that other methods don’t. They are big, bright and colorful, with large script and a catchy layout. They are not used to being ignored!

Don’t limit yourself if thinking that wall stickers are only for walls of buildings. They look great on the outer wall of your trailer, especially if it’s a promotional vehicle used for traveling from site to site. There are walls everywhere you look. As a barricade or at sporting events, people use them to promote good, services and just plain old brand name recognition. Without them, wouldn’t walls be dull to look at? How many professional sporting events have you been to – where at least a thousand wide format trailer clings were placed as a method of sponsoring the team and financing stadium upkeep?

Graphics and Printing

Wall graphics have become increasingly more creative with time and print method sophistication.  Based on a “fool the eye” technique, they can actually appear to be something that they are not!  These smart ads go a long way in getting consumer attention because they make a person look and look again. The prospective customer wants to be sure that what they are looking at is not a trick or an optical illusion.  Once he or she figures it out, you have had plenty of time to get a recognizable image, name, and brand into their subconscious. That is what advertising is all about – planting a seed today, letting it ripen in the future when what they need is what you’ve got to sell.

They can also inform the public of important cultural events, like events of the stage and screen. Many art galleries, museums and theaters use them to inexpensively and effectively inform the public of new events being offered in the area.

With revolutionary advances in printing techniques over the past twenty-odd years, print quality has gone from so-so to photographic quality. This is why a good marketing manager takes advantages of technology, which managed to lower the prices on many advertising processes that were formerly strictly out of reach, especially for the small business owner. True no more – anyone can afford to invest a few bucks in a qualitative, advertising and informative display to either drum up your sales, inform the public of a public event or just publicize your business – all with convenient and versatile large format prints.

Check out more wall stickers  printed in wide format layouts.


What Are Wall Clings?


Wall Display Clings are Practical, Attention Getting and Effective

cling graphics for walls What are wall clings? They definitely know how to “cling on“! They typically consist of plasticized vinyl, clear or white, and stick effortlessly to a glass surface, taking advantage of the slight stickiness produced by the excess plasticizers. That’s right, no adhesive to apply and clean off later! They are great for spur of the moment informational displays. How many times have you seen big red letters sticking to the glass with messages like, 30% off – Today Only or In Store Clearance or other hot news? They do the job up right, with a minimum of fuss, bother and expense.  Talk about environmentally friendly! No sticky chemicals and sprays.

By nature, they are extremely outgoing!  Not shy at all, they are short and sweet and to the point. They may be printed up in large block letters, in many cases, to fit in with the mood of LOOK HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Ideal for Stores and Business

They are ideal for stores and businesses with a large glass window facing the street. Because most of them are on clear material, they don’t block your view to outside of the store. Better yet, they don’t block the customer’s view looking inside the store, which is key for businesses. Most customers prefer to look in before they walk in the door. They are great for giving the message without impairing your chances that they will ever set foot inside.

Full Color Graphic

They can be made in color too, in a mural type display. Custom and Pantone Color Matching is available, helping you get the tones that get the message across. These large static cling stickers are on every corner.  Once you realize just how common the static window clings really are, you will begin to notice them in places that you never noticed before. They were always there, but in such a way to bring in the business and advertise some of your best products.

Window clings can be transparent or colorful. They can be white backed with colorful logo or short message.  What a spectacular, contrasting presentation that doubles as an advertisement!  It’s a great way to show the world that your business is here, alive and functioning well.

Business Advertising

These graphic wall clings are a little like the vital signs of your business. When you show them every now and then that means the goods are moving and the business cycles are happening. Out with the old and in with the new. So look into them with the message that helps spring clean the goods you need to move out in order to make room for the new seasonal shipment. Not only will you add a little verve to your front window display, it will raise the consciousness of the passersby who out of curiosity can’t resist the temptation of seeing whether your big discount has something for them inside. They are like that – and that’s not science fiction.

They are great for a temporary special, promotion or offer that will be used for a short time. The static clings stick to the glass immediately.  Taking them down is just as easy. Luckily, they are very rapidly produced, which means you can have a personalized order ready in as little as five working days.  They can be stuck on the inside and the outside windows.  They also work well on a mirror, acrylic backed boards and other shiny, smooth surfaces.  Most colored ones are backed with white to prevent them from looking washed out.

Large Format Wall Clings

Digitally printed on wide rolls of media or screen-printed on sheets, large format decals look great and are a breeze to put into place. Highly visible and attractive, they are hard to not notice. Designed to be seen from the street, even passing autos can easily get the message that you are trying to convey. It’s a great option for a temporary promotion, so if you wish, stick with a message that you can use time and time again.  In just a moment’s notice, the displays can be up on the wall and flagging down traffic designed to bring in visitors to the store when you want and need it the most.

Watch out for more about wall clings and their applications.


Customized Printed Graphic Hard Hat Stickers


What Can You Get Out of Stickers Designed for Hard Hats

decals for hard hats Hard hat stickers don’t go to waste as they can be valued as not just simple printed graphics. Wearing a headgear can be part of any skilled and dangerous profession.  Professional business etiquette and regulations require that they be worn in an outdoor construction zone, or any work environment where objects may be falling from above. They are often worn by managers, builders, electricians, plumbers, and other technicians who would rather play it safe than sorry and wear these colorful helmets of the trade. Because they are hard plastic, they are lightweight and sturdy.

Somewhat comical to look at, the graphics resemble a visitor from outer space or a superhero, not unlike Iron Man! More than that, they give an automatic sense of security to the wearer who may be exposed to work in a helmet area. Those who go to work in such an environment know that such dangerous work areas are risky – but headgear decals make the job livable and even enjoyable.

The Purpose of Hard Hats

Hard Hats have their purpose – and so do their accouterments – printed stickers! They are not just used for fun. They help identify your professional qualifications and whether you are a member of the building society or union – they serve an important purpose.

Obtaining, and earning the right to wear certain designs can be a status symbol to be proud of.  Maybe you passed an important qualification exam and were included as a member of a professional society.  If you are part of a team working on a particular site, they identify you onsite as part of the authorized work force.  Not unlike the flying ace who liked to place a graphic for every enemy plane he shot down, those for helmets may refer to the level of expertise you have aspired to as a professional worker in the field.

It’s fun to wear them when they are brightly colored, shiny and attractive to look at!  Size is not important when they have expertly produced graphics, colorful layout and logo details.  With cartoon-like colors and lettering, well-designed labels can help your mark show that they are head and shoulders above the rest of the crew!

Size and Design

Hard hat stickers aren’t boring, either.  Because they are so small, they are a bit spicy and fun.  Traditional ones are produced in traditional rectangular, triangular, square, oval and circular shapes.  If you want to get a little bit more creative, why not try a new look?  They are also available in a rounded off bread loaf shape and an oval with a base.  The latter is a good choice if you choose to put the design within the oval and state the brand name or written information on the rectangular strip below.  All are designed to jazz up your appearance, show what your professional qualifications are and that of your men or the crew that you work with. They are designed to get attention, just like a military man’s ribbons and medals show at a glance what you are all about.  Without lengthy and annoying conversation, a glance at the wearer’s graphic prints tells it all. An important part of the trade, they provide an important purpose, they aren’t just a contemporary decoration to apply for no reason.

Who Uses them

Who use them, exactly? To name a few – unions, companies, professional associations and workers. Attractive decals add a little class, just like a tie can add a touch of professionalism to a business man’s attire. For that reason alone, they need to be made from resilient paper that will stay shiny and new from the rigors of the job.

Hard Hat Sticker Material

How are they made?  They may be made of reflective vinyl or standard pressure-sensitive vinyl for a professional look, which is designed to retain its color properties for a long time during heavy duty work conditions.  Whichever type you choose, both are moisture resistant for extended life and their ability to be worn.

Click to view a variety of designs and dimensions for hard hat stickers.


The Several Applications of Bronze Plaques


Bronze Metallic Plaques Seem Traditional But They Never Grow Old

Have you ever noticed the impressive effect that a bronze plaque lends the character of a business?   It adds something to an office, home and other institution or establishment.  A medical, dental or legal office takes on a new perspective and level of prestige when graced with quality signage outside the business’ entrance.  It tells passersby, we have been around for quite awhile.  When you invest in it, it also indicates that your firm intends to be around for a long time into the future, as well.

More than an Advertising Tool

metallic plaque sign

Plaque signs do more than advertise businesses.  The entrance to a private, gated community of homes is often preceded by a metal sign stating the name of the community and decorated with an appropriate symbol, like an oak tree, lion or other logo which adds status as well.  Important churches, city hall and other buildings of vital importance often have metallic signposts with pertinent historical and civic information.

In the same way, a golf course or country club will often use plaques in basic geographical shapes, most commonly rectangular but occasionally shield or oval shaped.  No matter which style you choose, those made from bronze material are really something special.  It is probably a true statement that a small bronze plaque will make a greater impact than a huge futuristic billboard that can be seen for miles around.  It whispers notoriety, class, and substance.  If you are admitted within its walls, this means that you are a person of notoriety and class as well.  This gives members a source of pride and status without ever having to speak a word.

Bronze plaques have a long history behind them.  Kings and queens of old often used them to commemorate the site of a important happening lest it be forgotten in history.  In modern society, we continue to use them to commemorate a location where an important battle was fought, where a historical person was born and at the foot of a statue.  Rich and famous people also used to bronze their baby shoes – but that is another story!

In everyday life, they provide a service in a variety of normal ways.  When an individual or a sports team wins the championship, the winning team or school often receives a bronze plaque to hang up on the wall!   Speech contest winners, runners up and others who have reached a high level of education and notoriety may receive special plaques.

Men and women who have given years of  excellent or extraordinary military service, recipients of the purple heart and even law enforcement / police officers who went beyond the call of duty are often given with these commemorating their contribution to the police force and to the society they serve.

Ornate or plain, they are attractive to look at and will last a long time.  They may contain a raised up design, like a quill pen or a single initial.  The logo of the parent organization (the one dispersing of the signs) may also be included.  This is as if to symbolize the relationship of trust and appreciation between the giver and the receiver.  Photographs may be included on them to give further recognition to the recipient.  Because they are made to last, perhaps generations later the child or grandchild of the recipient will lovingly refer to it as a source of pride and family heritage.

Cultural Center Displays

Locations of cultural interest are often marked with plaque signage, stating their importance and value.  “Here Slept George Washington”, or “First Colonial House Built – 1652″ – may be engraved on a cultural marker of information and importance.  For such monumental descriptions and notifications, they seem to do the job best.  For example, wood signs are very attractive, rustic and down to earth.  When it comes to a message that is expected to be marked for the sake of posterity for future generation to come, nothing beats metallic signs.

Plaque Durability

Bronze plaques can withstand the elements of snow, rain, moisture, heat, dryness, buffeting winds and even abuse.  They are strong, shiny, and treated to outlive even human beings!  The best way to care for them is to keep them dusted off, wiped with a damp cloth, and occasionally lightly polished with a mild metal cleaner.

There are a lot of things to be grateful about these metallic plaques, read more here.


The Many Uses of Aluminum Tags in Business


Making Aluminum Tag Labels as Tools for Business

Aluminum tags are a great alternative to steel and brass labels.  Lightweight and comfortable to use, they provide an ideal metal for many reasons.  Besides being less weighty than stainless steel and brass, they are easy to work with, relatively less expensive to produce and effective in a variety of practical uses.

Practical Uses

write-on embossable aluminum labels

How are the labels used?  In more ways than the average person may realize.  They are used for tagging merchandise, particularly in an inventory control system.  Tiny ones identify the material being categorized as to help control assets by category and make the auditor’s job flow smoothly and easily.

They can be stamped using a metal tool for asset identification purposes.  Colored or plain, they help save time and get information quickly and easily.  They are usually attached effortlessly so that the inventory control clerk can find them, hold them in their hand, and record the number which corresponds to the assets in the general ledger.  In the past, large assets and equipment often used a stamped on serial number that was located in some hard to find place, like under the hood, on the engine itself or some other oily and greasy place.  Those tending the books shouldn’t have to be mechanically inclined in order to get to the identification or serial number!  This is what makes them so useful and streamlined in getting a job done.  Best of all, they are easy to access so that the record keeper doesn’t lose time or get his or her hands unnecessarily filthy.

The aluminum tags can be used for trees, as well.  They can indicate the tree name, type, or whether it is a deciduous or an evergreen tree.  When they are small plants, they may be unidentifiable, and they help.  They are used in nurseries, greenhouses, botanical research facilities and any place where the types of trees on young seedlings may not be immediately apparent. They serve as little name tags to the types of growing things that are being cultivated prior to resale to the general public.

Furthermore, the labels are also used as a good was of identifying serial code numbers, especially tools or equipment that is not easily identified.  Just a wire or wire tie is all you need to securely affix a tag onto the asset which needs to be controlled for depreciation purposes.  The code serial number or I.D. is a useful thing to keep similar items separately identifiable.  They pretty much work well in identifying your asset without having to carve into the object itself.

Production lines also use these throughout the production process; it saves time and eliminates the need for long, time wasting conversations and discussions.  They say it all!  The next work station sees what the current status is and responds accordingly.

Aluminum Tag Material

Aluminum tags can look like coins – or be squared off.  Their edges may be smooth, or filed in a horizontal way, like a quarter is.  The thickness may also vary – from .001“ to .050“ in width.

They can be regular or anodized if too much shine is not desired.  They can be stamped upon or written on, depending on the type of business you’re in and the needs you must fulfill.   Barcode tags may also be made of aluminum, affixed directly to the item you are controlling.  They may be lightweight, but they are sturdy and last a long, long time.  The advantage of using this metal is that it’s a much less expensive than stainless steel or brass.

Whether you choose fixed or hanging aluminum tags, they last a long time, most likely for the life of the asset. Read more about them IN HERE.


The Relevance of Parking Permit Tags


What Does Park Entry Tag Passes Signify?

Parking permit tags have a use in many towns, cities, large businesses, municipalities, and apartment complexes, to name a few.  What do they signify?  Why are they important?

Park entry pass hang tags

Without park permits, law enforcement agents would never know who is breaking the law by trespassing in an unauthorized place.  They both help to inform, stratify and identify who the offenders are, making the control and punishment of unwelcome autos more easily enforced.

The entry passes are usually in contrasting colors and a specific, easily identifiable logo so that they can be easily spotted.  Most are placed in a designated spot.  For example, hanging them on the back of the rear view mirror is the most standard place to affix them.  This procedure is recommended, helping the parking attendant easily identify trespassers.

Indications of Parking Permits

The permits indicate several things.  They show “I belong here“.  Employees at a large company with a specially designated lot structure have the right to park there, and no one else.  Most likely, upper management contracted that a garage or lot be constructed for its firm’s employees to park in, and no one else.  Stowaways must be punished!  The employees now have quick and easy access to their jobs, helping them reach their work stations on time after a long commute on the highway.  This convenience costs money, and is a reserved employee right to have such nearby parking specially at their disposal.  This parking building may be a covered facility, with an attendant (or not) and convenient location to the job, perhaps downtown where not much exists.  It may be multi level and it is most likely a respectable, clean and desirable place to leave your vehicle.  Naturally, other drivers who work in the area would love to take advantage of this nice new, protective car space structure.  Without the parking permit tags, who would remember who is, and who is not, allowed to take advantage of the nice convenient car park facility?

The same is true for College vehicles at the student, faculty and employee parking lots.  Students can’t place there cars in the employee lot, and vice versa.  Many times an attendant looks only for the entry passes in order to know who he can and cannot admit to the gated car lot.

Parking Permit Samples

Handicapped park permits also play a very important role for those unfortunates with physical disabilities.  They need to settle their vehicles right in front of the door since often getting in and out of vehicles is something much harder for them than normal, physically healthy people.  Some citizens are irritated and a little bit jealous that the handicapped person, with their handicapped parking permit tags are allowed the royal treatment of door to door service, and sometimes question the legitimacy of these special permits.  Yes, it’s true that there is a lack of car parks in most public places.  On the other hand, the poor handicapped person is not to blame for this.  The tags  serve us all in helping the car you drive be admitted where it needs to be without having to pull out identification and make lengthy explanations.  Those who venture to get in a handicapped parking place without one, may end up paying a very stiff fine that will take a toll on your monthly expenses – best not to risk it!

Another type of pass are those which show that you paid your fees for the month, year or semester.  One has a serial code or other way of informing the lot attendant that you are free to put your car there – or that your parking privileges are about to expire!

Another example of important permits are those who work for the TV news or local newspaper.  „MEDIA“ or „PRESS“ passes must be clearly visible if you want to get anywhere your subject of interest in covering an important news story or development.

Because they are lightweight, flexible, colored and effortless to hang up, they are a one shot deal.  Shaped like a letter S, they fit easily around the metal post in the center of your front window, and are visible from the outside. They are very important, allowing your vehicle free and clear entrance wherever it is that you need to be.

Check out these parking permit tags and gain access to every establishment you want in.


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