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Dye Sublimated Banners as a Trade Show Backdrop

Custom trade Display

Using Dye Sublimation Fabric Banner Displays as Trade Show Booth Backdrops.

Question: We are designing a trade show booth, and would like to know if dye sublimation banners would be suitable for  the boot backdrop?

Yes. Not only would it be suitable, it would be the most attractive backdrop, in our opinion, that money can buy. And not that much money any more, as the price of dye sublimation printed fabric comes down to more affordable levels.

tradeshow booth display It is our belief that if you use dye sublimate fabric banners, displays, backdrops, whatever you can do with dye sub printed fabrics, that your product or service will have an underlying quality that will be subconsciously intercepted by your potential clients, as opposed to the subconscious “gee, that vinyl banner looks plasticky and cheap…wonder if their product or service is also as cheap as that banner looks.

One Big Factor

Of course, if your message is irrelevant, the trade show will be value-less for your company any way. But if the dye sub printed graphics are given a chance to shine with a good message, the whole package will deliver the appearance of a great value than would cheaper materials that also had a well-delivered message (such as “Purchase this printer and get toner free for 2 years! Or the like).

The way that one famous marketer asked a question was, “If you want to sell hamburgers, what is the factor most likely to enable you to sell those burgers?” Of course, he got various answers from “well, you want to have outstanding flavor and good quality ingredients,” to “If you want to have a successful hamburger restaurant or stand, the location is the most important thing.” All the answers were well thought out, but not what he was looking for. “To sell lots of hamburgers, he said, “the number one most important factor is to have a crowd of hungry people!”

Have People Want Your Product

Duh! Why didn’t I think of that. Whatever you’re taking to the trade show, a great product or service, people have to desire whatever it is that you’re hawking. If it’s a new product or service that nobody has heard of, or only a few people, then your battle is an uphill one, because you have to create a desire in people for your service.

If it’s a periphery service, this might be relatively simple to do. For instance, where I live and work, there is a lot of dust, and because the climate is sub-tropical, the houses aren’t built airtight, so the dust will come through the cracks around the doors and windows fairly readily, making it so that all my computer equipment and printers and phones and routers, etc.

If I were to run into someone who had a service to clean my laptop computer keyboard at a reasonable cost, that person would have an easy time marketing to me, because like the hungry persons who wanted a hamburger above, it’s an easier sell to convince me that if I continue to build up dust under the keyboard of my computer, it’s going to wreck my computer.

Sample Scenario at a Trade Show

Now, let’s say, for fun, that I am going to a trade show, and I am carrying my laptop in my briefcase, and I happen across not one, but two booths offering laptop cleaning. Both are able to show how dust looks under your keyboard, and has slipped in around the cracks on my laptop like the dust creeps in around the windows and doors of my home. And how my $1500 laptop can suddenly be ruined, losing years of valuable data (assuming I was dumb enough not to have backed it up online).

Even if you did back up your data online, there will be days worth of retrieving data and replacing that $1500 laptop, but if you have their service clean your computer, you will avoid this disastrous scenario. So, which booth was I attracted to? Similar message and service. Same pricing. Obviously, the one with the “richer” looking dye sublimation fabric banners and graphics, of course. Subconsciously my “lizard brain” (my instincts) said, go with them. They care more.

So, that was a long answer to a short question about whether fabric dye sub displays and banners could be used for trade shows, but now you know why I firmly believe that this media is the best media for trade shows or any other advertising, both indoor and out.

View here to check out more features and options of dye sublimation banners that can be used as backdrops.


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