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Banner Stands-Retractable/Roll-up/Tension/Telescopic

Pull Up Banner stands

Fabric or Vinyl Tension Banner Stands: L-Banner, X-Banner, Retractable Roll-up and Pull-up Banners

retractable pull roll up wall banner displays Retractable Banners – also known as Roll-up Banner Stands, Pull-up Banner Stands, and/or Roller Banner Stands – are popular because they’re compact, portable, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. We’ve got premium banner stands, middle-of-the-road banner stands, and cheap banner stands. You can purchase them with or without the banner, and the banners can be done in either vinyl or cloth fabric.

Product Features and Options

The Banner Stands above are available with the following features and/or options:

  • Fabric Banners available on selected models
  • FREE set-up on most Banner Prints
  • 13 oz. Vinyl “No-curl” Banners available for all models
  • Carrying Bags standard with most models

cheap portable wide format banner stand

  • All Hardware included
  • Single or Double-sided Models
  • Light-weight and Easy to Carry
  • Most Orders ship in 5 to 6 working days
  • Rush Orders & Expedited Shipping



Large Quantity Quotations

Advertising Roll-up banner stand displays If you need large quantities of banners and/or banner stands, call us at 509-483-8000, email our sales department directly at sales@visigraph.com, or fill out our Get A Quote form.

The Visigraph 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We pay careful attention to every detail on every order we receive, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is just what it says…you’ll love our banners and banner stands or we’ll re-do/re-ship them. It doesn’t happen often, but hey, we’re human too! Rest assured, though, that if it does, we’ll fix’em free of charge and with no hassle.

Note: Banner stands have varying warranties. Banners are not warranted except for color fading.

Calculating the Size of your Retractable Banner Stand

Height x Width = Number of Square Feet. For example, if you have a banner that is 5ft. x 5ft.- 5 x 5 = 25 square feet


Retractable Roll-up Banner Stands

31.5" x 83.35" Roll Up Commercial Banner Stand  31.5" x 83.25" One-sided Pull-up Banner display stand 35.5" x 83.25" Double-sided Roll-up Banner stand displays 39.25 x 83.25 single-sided Tension Banners
Our Best Quality Retractable Banner Stands 31.5″ x 83.35″ Single-sided O-800 Better Quality Retractable Banner Stands 31.5″ x 83.25″ 1 or 2-sided O-920 Better Quality Retractable Banner Stands 35.5″ x 83.25″ 1 or 2-sided O-1000 Better Quality Retractable Banner Stands 39.25″ x 83.25″ 1 or 2-sided
32.75” x 78.75” Cheap Two-sided Banner Stand One Sided 31 x 77.5 Cost-effective Banner Stands  31.25" x 78.5” Economic Retractable Stands 59" x 78.5“ Large Single-sided Pull Up Banners
Economy Retractable Banner Stands 32.75”w x 78.75” Double-sided Economy Retractable Banner Stands 31“ x 77.5” Single-sided Economy Retractable Banner Stands 31.25″ x 78.5” Single-sided Economy Wide Format Retractable Banner Stands 59” x 78.5“ Single-sided

Telescopic and Tension Banner Stands

23.5” x 62” Single-sided Banners with stands 38.75" x 85.75” 1-sided Tension Banners 38.75” x 85.75” Double-sided Tension Banner Stands 31” x 77” One-sided L Banner Stands
Telescopic 1 – Max Graphic Size 23.5” x 62” Single-sided Telescopic 2 – Max Graphic Size 38.75” x 85.75” Single-sided Telescopic 3 – Max Graphic Size 38.75” x 85.75” Double-sided Telescopic 4 – Max Graphic Size 31” x 77” Single-sided
31.5 x 78.5 2-sided banner stand with pocket literature dispenser 36" x 93.5” One Sided L Banner Stand Displays  95 x 96 - Single or Double-sided Pegasus Roll Up Banners 48 x 96 1 or 2-sided telescopic Pull Up Banners
Dash-Mini Telescopic Banner Stands 31.5”w x up to 78.5”h Single or Double-sided – Optional 3 pocket literature dispenser Dash-Mega Telescopic Banner Stands 36”w x up to 93.5”h Single or Double-sided Pegasus Telescopic Banner Stands – Min: 52.5”w x 95″h expanding to 95”w x 96”h – Single or Double-sided Pegasus Mini Telescopic Banner Stands – Min: 27.5”w x 36.5”h expanding to 48”w x 96”h Single or Double-sided
31.5 x 86 One-Sided retractable banners 36 x 86 Custom Printed Tension banners 48 x 86 retractable roll up banner displays 31” x 77” Single-sided Pull-up Retractable Banners
UnoTelescopic Banner Stands 31.5” x 35” up to 86” Single-sided UnoMega Telescopic Banner Stands 36” x 35” up to 86” Single-sided UnoMonster Telescopic Banner Stands 48” x 35” up to 86” Single-sided Lightning Tension Banner Stands 31” x 77” Single-sided

Other products that you may be interested in:

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