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What is a “Quick Screen” Adjustable Banner Stand?


Where Can I Find a Quick Screen (Retractable/Pull-up/Roll-up/Adjustable) Banner Stand?

I get a lot of people asking where to purchase a “quick screen” banner stand. For educational purposes, I will say that the more common terms for this banner stand are 1) adjustable banner stands, 2) retractable banner stands, 3) roll-up banner stands, and 4) pull-up banner stands. These banner stands may also go by other names, which are typically brand names applied to the same stands everyone else sells in an attempt to differentiate their brand from other seller’s offerings, which is just good marketing.

Quick Wall Retractable Banners

However, on the flip side of that equation, you’re likely going to pay more, sometimes a lot more, for a brand designation. Quite honestly, most banner stands within categories such as premium, mid-range, or economy, are probably manufactured by a few companies in Asia. Many vendors try to deny that this is the case, but, suffice it to say, they’re probably “shading” the truth just a little.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this style of banner stand, the basic concept is an upside down version of the pull down slide projection screens that are still widely used for video presentations, movies in theaters (most larger screens have electric motors to reel the screen up or down now), sales presentations, or to show the speaker larger than life in a larger venue where you may not be able to get a clear view of the speaker due to distance, angle, or being in a different room location than the actual speaker.

If you were to flip the screen upside down and have a way to keep it in the air, you’d have, essentially, the basic principle behind the retractable pull-up banner stands. Of course, size-wise, there are limitations for printed banner graphics, usually around 10 feet, but most banner stands are about three feet in width to seven feet in height, although recently our suppliers have expanded their offerings to stands that are much wider (eight feet) to about eight feet in height as well. Custom sizes can also be made if the order is more than a few as well.

So, as to the original question as to where you can purchase these roll-up or adjustable banner stands, the answer is that you can buy them quite readily online from dozens of retailers. If you’re wanting to purchase larger quantities wholesale, yours truly can help you with those projects as we have links to manufacturers overseas.

There are also a few choices of materials that you can order with your retractable banner stands. Our favorite is dye sublimation printed polyester fabric banners. Dye sublimation, in our opinion, is the most attractive option for roll-up banners, hands down. And the cost is not significantly different or higher than cheaper options, although it is a bit more costly.

X-Banner stands

Another popular and durable option is vinyl banner material, the stand by material that is thought of as a cheaper option by many, although the difference is shrinking every year, as vinyl bottomed out price-wise in the mid-2000’s as a few online retailers tried to grab the major market shares on vinyl banners. They succeeded in driving the profits to next to nothing, but I’m fairly certain they didn’t corner the market.

There are also plasticized paper options available that go by various names, mostly brand names, but these are decent short term or one use banners where a retailer or the like wants a new banner every month and wants to keep costs down if they have multiple stores. Again, though, the cost savings is not tremendous any more with the cheaper looking options, so we’d suggest you request pricing from several vendors on fabric banners that are used in pull-up banner stands, X banner stands, or L banner stands and compare those prices to the cheaper options.

For more about banner stand displays, view here. To get a quick quote, hit the button below.


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