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A Way You Can Express Yourself – Car Decals

Car stickers

Have you got a message that needs expressing, but you don’t know how?  Suppose your vehicle is full of young children and you want the drivers around you to take special care?  Maybe you need to draw them a picture instead of spell it out in so many words. Car decals can do exactly that.

Using stick figures, cartoons or special symbols, they can get your message across with very little trouble or effort. The designers know how to use a picture to tell a thousand words. Using psychological response, the right color combinations are also helpful in expressing a message for those who may only have a few seconds to read and absorb the message being shown.

vehicle graphic wraps It doesn’t take much to get automobile graphics designed and printed up. With constantly improved print technology, the decals that you need can be processed in a very short time, perhaps be finished as soon as this week.

These items are great for expressing information, promoting safety, decorating your vehicle, getting a laugh, or adding personal interest.

With vibrantly colored inks and other true to life colors, the design you choose will have a qualitative look. These are shades which are made to print up the same every time. With sunlight-resistant colors, moisture resistant vinyl and protective coatings when needed, the graphics can withstand the weather and grime from being on the highways and streets.

The abuse that these stickers must withstand is substantial!  They have managed to become sophisticated products that withstand a lot of wear and tear. Carbon dioxide and fuel emissions are basically poisonous gases, that they withstand day in and day out; they are resilient and tough!

Common Uses and Applications

Full color car decals have a variety of clever uses. They can be promotional or just for fun. Some parking permits decals will help the driver easily gain access to the employee or reserved parking section that he or she needs at work or the club. It can be printed up in a square, circle, rectangle, and ovals have always been popular as well.

All over Europe, the one or two-lettered oval design on the rear window or bumper informed other drivers of the owner’s origins. YU stands for Yugoslavia, D for Deutschland (Germany) and so on. It is a helpful way to identify where the driver is from and was also a conversation piece. What appeals to others is usually copied, and other such coded car decals have been copied and produced in other locations.

Family auto graphics are also popular. Usually a die cut vinyl in the shape of cartoon like stick figures; it shows the members of the family from Dad and Mom to the littlest ones, including the family dog!  These look great on the rear window. Although they were originally designed to place on your auto, they can look good wherever you want to stick them – might even be used to enhance your dashboard or the inside of the door.

Some families are big sports enthusiasts so they naturally love to show their team spirit by way applying their team’s stickers on their autos. Footballs, tennis shoes, spikes and cleats also send the message – we love sports!  Your favorite professional team usually gladly sells their logo to its fans in order to promote team recognition and support. There is a lot to be said that every one posted on a vehicle will be seen thousands of times during its existence.

Find a Reputable Car Decal Printer

The next time you choose to have a batch of stickers to be printed up, be sure and verify that the company you are doing business with is up to the job. How to determine this?  Their Better Business Bureau Rating will tell you a lot. If they are good at handling customer complaints and discrepancies, that is already an ace.

If, on the other hand, they refuse to correct errors or say that the customer is to blame, they are probably not a good choice to do business with. Find out their rating and decide for yourself – or else you could end up losing money on a job poorly done that is worthless and useless. Forearmed is forewarned, so we recommend that you do your homework before placing your next order for car decals.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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