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Custom Reflective Stickers, Decals, and Labels

motorcycle reflective stickers

Why might you need a reflective decal or place an order for custom reflective decals? There are many applications where they are highly useful.

One of the main uses for purchasing them are for emergency vehicles, such as police and fire department vehicles. Ambulances also are usually decked out in these reflector graphics s as well, not just for looks, but they also give these emergency and law enforcement vehicles high visibility at night when many accidents and fires and crimes happen.

Commercial Advertising Uses for Reflective Stickers, Labels, and Decals

Custom reflective car stickersThey all may also be used as an emergency reflective sign in buildings that point to a fire extinguisher or an escape route and other emergency way-finding applications.

A few years back, one of our clients was a Navy helicopter pilot. The pilots in this squadron ordered a set of of these for their helmets, both to show others at their base who they were and also the item was easily visible at night as a safety feature.

They can be a great accessory stickers for bicycles, too, both as a branding tool and if they are placed well on the bike, as a safety feature as well, especially if any riding is done at dusk or after dark as happens frequently in northern climates where winter days are short and winter nights are long.

Commercial concerns have made use of them for vehicles as well. As many service vehicles operate at night time, a well-placed reflective decal on the front, sides, and back can serve as both an advertisement and to increase visibility with other motorists as well.

Some companies have purchased custom them simply because they are unique as an advertising tool, and not just any old bumper or window display, but one that jumps out at you when your headlights hit it.

Statistically, 90% of all homes are sold when a potential client drives by a home in an area they’re interested in. Since many people travel in the evening hours or early morning hours, a few enterprising real estate agents have ordered in full color or digital photo for their company’s “for sale” signs. One is adhered to a rigid substrate like impact resistant polystyrene for a sign that definitely gets noticed in the dark!

Materials Used for Custom Reflective Decals and those Applied to Sheet Metal to Create a Sign

There are several grades and manufacturers of vinyl with reflector properties. The USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) requires at least a “prismatic” grade, and a “diamond grade” for school zones or high danger areas. However, for most businesses, vehicles and other non-traffic uses, engineer grade is the standard. Diamond grade stock is used first to sheet the aluminum signage substrate, then screen-printed or decorated with “Electro-cut” pressure-sensitive film.

Engineer grade is the least degree and is what we generally use for most private clients who are purchasing for helmets and real estate signs as it can be pressed on a digital printer.

We have printed diamond grade material digitally in the past, but it needs to be laminated to keep the ink from scratching off, and we’re really not comfortable recommending this type of printing with the digital inks that are currently available, at least not for diamond grade kinds.

Most signs that you see on the highway or interstate freeways or around town are constructed using a sheet of aluminum that has a reflector graphic attached to it and then printed. If you are not under USDOT jurisdiction, you can make the item, adhered to signage displays like this using Engineer grade material, and it’s a lot less expensive.

There are many other reflective decal uses we could tell you about, and probably will in other posts about custom reflective decals that are used as parking permit or homeowner association stickers for gated communities, security sign usages, and more. Nevertheless, you can read here to discover more about these kinds of graphics.


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