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Double Sided or 2-sided Stickers and Decals

double-sided decals

As a double sided sticker or decal will generally cost more than double what a single-sided costs, due to higher material costs – it takes three pieces to make them – versus one piece for a one-sided, because of the intermediary blockout layer. Why go to the extra expense? The reasons may surprise you!

A double-sided sticker is an excellent commercial advertising product that gets your message to your customers coming and going. One will typically be used in retail environments such as clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and auto parts stores, to name just a few.

Why You Need 2-sided Stickers For Advertising Your Product or Service

2-sided stickersOften a store will carry an item for a manufacturer that the manufacturer or distributor will want the store to promote, so to ask the store owner or manager to add a double sided decal to the window in his or her already busy day may be a petty annoyance, but to ask them to put one on the inside, then go around and put a single sided decal on the glass…well, that could just put a manager over the top! So, one answer to the title question, “why would you need them?,” would be for the convenience of busy owners and managers.

Another reason that you, as the purchaser, is the advantage of an item that can be read from both inside and outside, similar to two-faced sign that is perpendicular to the street in front of the business. This kind simply gets more views than does a one-sided one.

Why You’ll Love Two-Faced Graphics

The adhesive is made from polyester material with a blockout layer in between the printed sides. First, a clear polyester material is printed in reverse. Then, a layer of two-faced adhesive white “blockout” material is bonded to the clear material. Finally, the image is printed on the adhesive-less white side and you now have the end product. These can be imprinted spot or full color. Also, it is available with semi-permanent or removable adhesives.

Currently, there is no digital printing media that can produce a truly opaque double sided sticker. Screen printing is the only option that I am aware of unfortunately. If anyone hears of anyone who has discovered a digital printing material, please post a reply at the end of this article, ‘cuz I want to know about it!

Another common material used is static cling material. It is made from a vinyl item that comes in clear and white, so the print processing is similar to the polyester graphics. One thing to note is that if the proper objects are used, different images can be used on both sides to produce a good qualityl. The main draw to using this type is that there is no adhesive involved at all. You just need to make sure the window gets thoroughly cleaned before applying it or it may fall off in a few days.

How Our Clients Use Them

A couple of our clients have come up with some great uses for this kind of print displays. With the advent of the camera phone, one tech-savvy client is now using QR codes (quick response codes) on their restaurant’s two-sided stickers, so that their customers can scan the code and place an order for lunch on their cell phone.

Another client, a game company, advertised a new game on decals at every game store their games were sold at a couple Christmases back…customers saw them when they came into the store and when they went out! A couple weeks back, one of our pharmaceutical clients rolled out a new product using a 36″ x 24″ giant graphic print at each of 250 locations. We wish them success, and we believe that it will certainly help. Breaking News! Oct. 5, 2011. They’re working great! They’re now placing another order for up to 500 more!

You can go visit here, https://www.visigraph.com/custom-decals-stickers-magnets-and-labels/double-sided-decals-and-stickers/, to look at customized templates for double sided sticker or decal.


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