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Purchasing Truck Decals Online with Zero Risk

truck stickers

If you want to buy truck decals, first, you will need to let the company know what type of truck you own.

Is your truck a semi truck? There are companies that specialize in semi truck stickers, companies that focus on pickups, and companies that make graphics for both.

How to Purchase a Decal for Trucks and other Vehicles and Get a Great Value Safely

There are numerous ways to investigate companies that print a decal for trucks. You may be looking for a local company or you’re looking online, examining a graphic printer for your business, association, or just for your personal pickup truck isn’t too complicated, and the internet has made it even easier than it was before the internet.

I could have saved our company serious coin in the past had I observed the following advice on several occasion! If you’re seeking out a print company for truck graphics to publicize your business or for trucks in your semi fleet, you might find 3 or 4 businesses locally or online that appear to make them like the ones you need. You phone or email them, and you choose one that returns your call or email promptly and professionally.

Do you consign your purchase order for truck decals immediately? Take into consideration this – I know it’s stimulating to put in your order (at least it is for me – I love spending money and stimulating the economy). You can scarcely wait to see the new stickers emblazoned on your vehicle.

Ready, Fire, Aim! I can relate to you from my own experiences that I’ve pursued this purchasing method too many times to count. So what should you do before you order? You need the graphics to promote your company, and you need them quickly!

15 minutes that’ll give you a 98% chance of uncovering any dirt on any company

door decal stickers for trucksRelax – breathe deeply – now go to www.bbb.org. Put your target printer’s zip code into the correct spot and hit “go.” It’ll take you to a new page where you’ll check the box that says “Check out a business or charity.” Fill in the company name and ZIP code. They may have a few negatives on their company – as nobody’s perfect – but you can check to see how the issues were resolved. Most good companies have resolved or are resolving any issues that may have arisen. If one passes muster, you’ve now accomplished 1 of 3 steps.

Warning: The Better Business Bureau is NOT foolproof! Our company had a dispute with a credit card processing company, Elliot Management Group, that convinced us to sign up for some services that didn’t work. After several months of squabbling, we cancelled the deal because EMG never fulfilled their side of the agreement. They ended up deducting $1200.00+ from our bank account and refused to refund anything. BBB wouldn’t assign EMG any negatives due to the fact, they said, that the promises were verbal and weren’t in the contract.

So you may not see the whole story with the BBB. And the reason if I were you, Google the name of the printing business, and if there’s any dirt on them, it’ll show up on the front page of Google on www.RipoffReport.com. While this site isn’t perfect either, if they show up on here, you’ll want to see if there are many complaints, or just one. If there’s just one, I don’t take too seriously a single complaint as some customers won’t be happy no matter if you make a product that is perfect. Had we checked out EMG, they had a rap sheet a mile deep on this site and we’d never have signed on with them if we’d checked this site. So, check the company out, and if they’re clean here, go to step 3.

Lastly, check out www.ComplaintsBoard.com – follow the same rules and procedures as you did with www.RipOffReport.com, and now you should have a pretty good idea if the company you’d like to make decal for trucks is on the up and up.

There’s still a chance a disgruntled client who dealt with your company of interest might have posted on another site, but the odds are much better if no complaints can be found on your company of interest. If this is the case, go ahead and have them make your graphic displays. Or review a couple more consumer watchdog websites if you want to. If there are any complaints against the company, you’re might also expose them to warn others.

Check out some personalized templates and printing of truck decals.


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