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What Makes Parking Permit Tags Valuable

Park Entry Signage

Do you want a free pass to the next concert or other event? Permit tags allow you easy access to wherever you want to go. The passes may be located on your key chain for easy access when you need to present evidence of your authorization to enter.

They may also dangle from your rear view mirror to be easily spotted by the parking lot attendant for your work place or reserved parking area. They can also be worn around your neck if it’s something that must be worn on your person.

The Parking Permit Material

They may be made of plastic, metal or a variety of other materials, polyester, or vinyl. They may also be made from static cling vinyl for an evening event, a weekend event, or for an entire month or year. If the permit stickers are for designated individuals, employees, apartment inhabitants or home owners, they may have a serial number or date of usage posted on them.

This means if the parking attendant is suspicious of whom the car really belongs to, he or she can trace ownership of the permit decals or hang tags by the serial number, thus protecting your rights as an employee or patron.

Common Park Permit Tag Applications and Displays

custom park entry decal A convenient way of posting entry pass hang tags is in a card style with an S-style top. This hook design ingeniously displays the hang tag permits in the front window of your automobile and can be easily removable to be placed in another auto in case your primary auto needs to go to the mechanic for repair or the like.

Some permit tags are included in the employment package when you gain employment at your firm. This is one of the perks of employment – parking privileges in the company lot. Others who may wish to park there are discouraged from doing so, since those without permits will be either ticketed or possibly towed away by the city tow truck. This is one of the facts of modern life – more cars than we have room for!  That’s why parking permit stickers are so important to keep the stragglers out of the reserved parking which is intended for employees, students, civil servants, technicians, handicapped individuals, executives, and more.

VIPS like the CEO and the COO haven’t worked so many years to have to go fishing for a parking place first thing in the morning. Most executives have paid the price to get where they are today and expect to have reserved parking close to the door for easy access. Theoretically, these managers and directors will be going out to visit clients and on lunch meetings, so they need to be able to jump in and out of their car at a moment’s notice. They also like to know that their valued time is appreciated, and driving in circles does not promote their productivity.

Surgery patients and their families also have special parking access at the hospital parking lot. Park entry hang tags, stickers, and decals make this possible. A new mother needs her husband and family to park as close by as possible so they will be able to bring the new baby from the hospital to the warm car without fear of catching a cold or worse. Those who have just had surgery may need to leave the hospital in a wheelchair and ease themselves slowly and carefully into the car ride home. Close by access is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Handicapped individuals may be envied for their easy access to the entrance of businesses – but let’s be fair. Most people would rather be healthy than sick, and if they need to park close by, let them. Of all the richness in the world, nothing is more than one’s mental and physical health. For decades and even centuries, handicapped individuals had to find their way with little or no help from the government, and thankfully, that position has been reversed, and hang tag parking permits have become the norm nowadays.

Other Uses

Parking permits are used for other purposes, too. A fishing license may also be granted with permit decals to make it clear to the authorities that you are licensed to fish in the area. All in all, they are here to stay, and I’ll bet you’ll have one soon if you don’t have one now.

View here for custom making and printing of parking permit tags.


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