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How to Know a Professional Printing Company to Print Custom Vinyl Decals is  a Solid One

Custom Vinyl StickerYou can use vinyl decals for many different projects or advertising. It comes in a huge variance in sizes. And, they can be produced in several ways. Printing is commonly done with a screen print press if they are not too big and you need a large quantity.

Companies producing graphic decals will also be able, in many cases, to digitally print a very large size, such as the type that are applied to storefront windows or semi-truck trailers. The large format is always imprinted digitally, as roll to roll printers are now pressing graphics up to 16′ wide. I personally don’t know of anyone making this large on a screen imprinting press. You can check this page to see how the decal sizes can be calculated accordingly.

If your company, school, or organization is needing a decal material for a promotion or special event, or maybe just a school spirit emblem, screen press is still the most cost effective method for the production, at least for quantities over 250 to 500. Finding companies to make decals you want should be easy, but regardless of where you look for the company, you need to follow my basic advice on making sure you find a solid, ethical company.

When Shopping for a Printer, Following These Three Simple Steps May Save You a Lot Of Cost, Time & Headaches

Whenever I need to make a major purchase online, if I don’t have a strongly recommended printer from a dependable friend or business associate, I try to follow some simple steps to avoid financial loss. Believe me, I am preaching to myself here as well, because when I’ve not followed these simple steps, I have about a 50/50 chance of getting ripped off by businesses who operate on the assumption that there’s a sucker born every minute.

Step 1: Log onto You’ll need the ZIP code of the company that will print vinyl decals you’re researching. Hint: If you can’t find enough information about its whereabouts, move on. Any printer worth its salt should have at least a PO Box listed on their site. Once you’ve plugged in the ZIP code and the business name – you’ll have to do this on successive pages – a page will come up with a rating.

If a company has less than an A or A+ rating, you’ll want to know why. One, for instance, that has an A- rating may have this simply because of a tax dispute or because they’ve been in business for less than 5 years. However, the Better Business Bureau will let you know all about disputes or complaints on this page, so pay attention. If there are a lot of unresolved complaints, I’d steer clear of this one.

Since the Better Business Bureau Isn’t Perfect…Check Out any Printing Company on 2 or More Sites to Make Sure You Get the Decal Graphics You Want When You Need It

Steps 2 & 3: If the company you’re considering comes up clean in the BBB, I’d suggest Googling the name of the business. The BBB is not always perfect – I’ve had a couple issues in the past with them, so if it comes up on the first couple pages of Google on a consumer watchdog site like or, review the name on each site, noting whether multiple customers file complaints about them or if there is just one. If there is just one, it is likely that the issue may be insignificant, and you may want to call them and ask them to explain their side of the story.

So, when hiring a printing company that produces vinyl decals, if you follow the above 3 steps in researching, you’ll prevent yourself at least a headache and probably a lot of grief. Good luck!


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