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Why Static Window Clings Ads Are More Popular than Stickers

personalized static window cling

Numerous retail stores are refusing to put an adhesive promotional decals on their store windows due to the likely trouble of taking off the sticky label when they decide to get rid of it or change it.

Companies that use static window cling ads to promote their goods with retail outlets might be prudent to think about hiring a graphic printer that produces window cling ads to make their next window marketing decal as static window clings.

They have been in use for many years, and makers have been printing them for many years as well, so we’re not really introducing anything new here, but they may be new to you, so if you just require a quotation, click on the quote above, but if you want to learn a bit more, read on.

What Cling Film is & How Static Clings Stick on Glass and other Smooth Surfaces

window ads static clingWindow Cling Film or vinyl for static clings is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. For the most part, PVC sheets are more rigid than films, but by putting extra fluid plasticizers into the PVC in its liquid state makes a flexible, smooth vinyl substance with an unusually soft finish. This cling film is very smooth and pliable, so it will stick to smooth, solid surfaces – mainly to glass. It also is excellent for imprinting, hence static and double-sided graphics are also available, though not digitally printed at this time.

The material can also be die-cut and are utilized for numerous diverse usages, such as to announce a happening, as “spirit” emblems for schools, colleges, and universities on the back window of vehicles, as oil & lube service decals on the front windshield of cars, and even as window signs in stores. Recently, one of our patrons, a drug company, ordered some that were 2-sided and 36″ x 24″ – in actuality a big window poster.

Where Not To Use Them

The material is an exceptional invention for production of static window clings, but are there locations where the displays can’t or shouldn’t be adhered, other than self-evident places where there isn’t glass? The quick response is “of course.” It isn’t supposed to be used where you’d situate on the exterior of an automobile. Because the item itself is easy to remove, and also are carried away rather easily if you’re cruising along on a highway.

Naturally, the clings can be utilize on items other than glass. It can be used on acrylic (a variety of displays, sun glasses, frames, etc.) and other diverse smooth plastics such as polycarbonate, glossy furniture, kitchenware, smooth metal surfaces, typically painted, and other stuff, providing it’s exceptionally smooth and flat.

As I affirmed near the beginning of this editorial, one of the larger usages is for display, principally in a retail setting, although they may also be utilized in many other ways as well, as discussed above. They can be used as wayfinding stickers on doors directing you to an exit or fire extinguisher, but primarily are still used for merchandise and event promos, political campaigns, and school spirit emblems on the back or side windows of autos, trucks, and SUV’s.

Find out more about static window clings: click this – https://www.visigraph.com/custom-decals-stickers-magnets-and-labels/fast-ship-static-cling-stickers-and-decals/


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