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Available Options for Address Plaques

Home Plaque Signage

If your home is one of “those” homes – or you would like it to be – an important feature is having metal address plaques outside the door. They show that a person of importance lives inside. They whisper elegance, sophistication, and hint at understated wealth.

Plaque signs can be placed near the home entrance, near the doorbell or on the family mail box. Another version, the lawn signposts are ideal for the home where the front door is not easily visible. These small displays show visitors that they have come to the right house with a classy, understated and effective address plaque mounted on one or two poles, informing visitors what address they’re at.

What Address Plaque Sign Types Do You Have To Choose From?

Plaque signs for address house number

If you opt for the classic wall variety, those in many cases range in price from a modest pricing to somewhat expensive, depending upon your style choice and the type of metal you choose: brass, bronze, aluminum, etc. Bronze may show just the street number – which is adequate for most people who know how to find you, or the street and number and your family name if you choose.

The simple number plaques may come in several shape options – circular, oval, rounded off rectangle, and much more. The two-lined standard design with an arched center will usually have the number in the arch and any other information below the arch on a 2nd line. There are fancier designs that look like a picture frame arch design with attractive engravings – ideal for the estate owner.

Address plaques are truly an element of the upper class. When someone comes to the door, they may wonder if they will be greeted by a maid or possibly a stuffy butler!

Different Sizes

Sizes are variable. You may want or need a custom design. If you can imagine it, we can prepare it for you. Those of your desired dimensions will be made and prepared for your satisfaction. If you are choosing a lawn plaque, the right size depends on your outdoor decor. It needs to fit in, neither resembling a billboard nor being overwhelmed by huge trees or bushes. It needs to fit into the existing decor and landscape. Custom design work may be necessary, which means that you need to have a professional in your corner when you are considering the most fitting look.

Address Plaque Metal Options

Besides the shapes, many other options exist. Do you prefer brushed bronze, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel? Whatever material you choose, a protective finish may be applied to help keep your attractive new signage looking fresh and long-lasting. Designed to prevent wear and tear and shield your sign against the elements of nature, the beauty behind these items is not only skin deep.

Color Options

They have many color options, as well. Although one may think that they tend to be a dull green, golden or rustic brown tone, in fact they come in a rainbow of shade varieties and tones. Tones like copper, pewter, ivory and other nuances are bound to get respect from all those who come knock at your door.  All of them are created to show that a person of wealth and character lives inside.

Besides providing a very nice presentation to your guests or anyone else who needs to find you, it makes your street numbers very visible from the street. It prevents snooping around by delivery men or sales people to see “if this is this the right house?”  With lawn, wall, or address sign, or custom mail boxes, these incidents shouldn’t happen. The information is plain to see, and no one needs to come any further than the curb.

Those who want to keep visitors at arm’s length will best benefit by using address plaques to both help people find them and also not leave them in the dark, keeping the relationship between home owner and guest on a pleasant and professional level.


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