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Neon Signs for Economical Business Advertising

Neon Signage

Neon signs are more popular than ever before. After their debut almost a century ago, neon had the reputation of being something flashy, other worldly and ultra modern – and ultra expensive.

These days, the lights have taken a more subdued role but remain very important in alerting customers of important information.  They have been proven to be more effective than radio, TV or newspaper. A picture is worth a thousand words, and they remain a picture in the viewer’s mind for a long period time afterwards.

Signs Made from Neon Materials As Adverting Tools

One of the main reasons for this type of signage is that they are highly visible, be it night or day. A proven success, they are both economical and very effective. In these days of rising electricity costs, they use less electricity than traditional electric signs. Neon lights may be easily customized to create a unique message that best suits the advertiser’s needs. They are affordable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly with minimal electric consumption and virtually no waste.

They may be combined with other types of advertising campaigns to add an exclamation point to other promotional type banners or signage. They definitely add a little pizzazz to your existing window display.  Something about brightly lit signs allure customers, urging them to come inside and investigate.

Most Popular Neon Sign

Neon Shop Signage

Probably the most popular of all neon signs is – surprisingly enough – the OPEN signage. This is undoubtedly the most important message a shop owner can convey to passersby, that he or she is open for business! The basic OPEN lettering is one that many proprietors would be hard pressed to live without. Whether the message is in cursive script from left to right (as a more gentle reminder – as in, “yes, we are working“) or in big bold red and blue capital letters framed with an attractive trim, or even a Manhattan style from top to bottom, they continue to get attention, which is good for both you and for your prospective customers.

Many people hate to stick their heads inside a door to ask rudely “Are you open for business?”  Although it’s a given that shops aren’t there to just pass the time, no one wants to be pushy – for all they know, the owner is doing inventory or working late after normal business hours are through. The lighting OPEN display works wonders, because it is so easy to see from a distance. There is no embarrassment – no need to ask – just walk right in. Doing business with the public can most usually be a touch and go type of thing. Humans are famous for being easily flustered, embarrassed, put out, made to feel put on the spot, or pressured into working longer when they were just getting ready to pack it up. That’s why the OPEN note is so important.

Graphic Design Ideas

Other great displays include a small symbol and a word or two to spell out, from a respectable distance, what their business is all about. Do you provide income tax services?  Are you a night club, coffee shop or full service restaurant? This is all information that the customer would love to know without appearing nosy or pushy.  The nature of sales is most generally from an attraction versus promotion aspect.  This is the most successful way to go about doing it. The hard sell can be exhausting to the salesman and annoying to the prospect. When both parties are warmer – in other words, when the client is considering the product, communication becomes much more effective and fruitful. These products enable you to do this. The customer is able to size you up and then come to you, which puts doing business on an entirely different, and more enjoyable, level.

If you want to get even more attention, try putting using flashing neon signs.  They are active – so who can disregard them? They are always noticed, but flashing ones are noticed first.  Whatever is the most important thing you wish to convey – like “Enter Here” or “24 hrs / day service” for a busy restaurant – are the types of messages that your visitors will notice first – and forget last.  “Restrooms” is another good choice for it that will do the job effectively, without saying a single word.

If you are interested to discover more about these sign types, visit this page.


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