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Month: November 2011

Vinyl Decal Printing For Advertising – Best Custom Decal

inyl decals,decals and stickers,vinyl lettering,die cut vinyl letters,Decals,vinyl stickers

Custom decals may be employed as product label, used in a marketing campaign, and for various industrial uses, to mention just a few usages for making them.

They may be found in an extensive variety of dimensions, ranging from less than a square inch to Sixteen foot wide rolls just for vinyl decal printing for semi truck trailers or store windows or transit bus advertising campaigns.

Most Sensible and Safest Methods In Looking For The Best Custom Decal Online

There are actually a handful of techniques in producing them, but for a small-ish order,

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Self Adhesive Letters or Vinyl Lettering for Walls

Graphic Vinyl Letters

In 1991, after “researching” starting a company to make signs, banners, and vinyl lettering for walls, etc., in the local Spokane, WA area, my Father and I leapt into the sign business, boldly treading where angels fear to tread.

We purchased the wrong graphics program from John, a slick salesman from Seattle who knew (we found out later) that the company that made the program for cutting self adhesive PVC letters was going to fold 30 days later. Doh!

While self adhesive letters were nothing new in 1991, they were new to us. My Father had a ready built a client base in the area,

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Sandblasting Signs – Best Materials to Make a Sandblast Sign

High Density Urethane wood signage

Most of you reading this article probably will never make sandblasting signs, but if you want to know about the process of making them, this article will be very informative in that regard.

In about 1870, Benjamin C. Tilghman invented and patented a method that used high-pressured air to powerfully drive an abrasive substance against wood or other surfaces to remove paint, moss, dirt, or, in the case of sandblasting, wood particles. We’re not precisely sure how long it took makers to adopt this method to create the first wood sandblasted display, but because carved wooden signs had been in existence for thousands of years,

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Label Sticker Printing or Short Run Sticker Label Printing

bottle label

As with everything in the print industry, label sticker printing has been affected by the rise of digital label sticker printing.

It used to be that you could have a short run done if you wanted to have a one or two color tag, but if you wanted a full color graphic, you’d need to buy 5000 or 10,000 labels to keep the cost per sticker to a minimum.

Options for Short Run Sticker Label Printing and Label Sticker Printing for the Long Run

With the advent of the digital printing press in the late 20th century,

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Laminate Letters For Displays – Laminated Letters For Logos

metal laminated gatorfoam

Many companies today are opting for laminated lettering for logos and interior sign displays because laminate letters simply look great without costing an arm and a leg, which in the current economy, you simply won’t have because the IRS already took it!

Creating Laminated Logos with CNC Routers – How This Technology Changed the Sign Business

Laminated logos have been around for over 20 years and really became both popular and affordable with the advent of the CNC router. In case you didn’t know, CNC stands for “Computerized Numeral Controlled”- or basically a router table with a carriage whose X and Y axis are controlled by a computer.

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How To Purchase Business Sign Letters

customized company signage

If you’re upgrading your facility or moving to a new facility, it is highly likely you’ll also be purchasing some logos and letters or some type of new outdoor signage for your building.

Business signs are often done using 3D lettering, also known as dimensional lettering, and there are several options available for your use.

If You Need to Purchase Logos and Letters for Your Business Signage, Make Sure They Have a Lifetime Warranty

Sign lettering made from cast or cut metal is a great option, but not everyone has the budget to afford them.

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Buying Customized Stickers Labels Online

Custom Labels, stick-on labels, removable custom label,brilliant graphics,shipping labels

In 1998, the company I managed became the first sign and graphics firm to be listed on a new internet search engine called Yahoo! I was immediately impressed by the fact that, with no real effort at all, we were suddenly getting customized stickers labels orders from New York or Miami or Los Angeles, where we’d previous not sold personalized sticker labels or banners or sign before, and without a sales rep in those markets.

By 2000, I knew that this ability to market products was going somewhere and fast! At that time, we printed a lot of corrugated plastic political signs –

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Roll Labels (or Stickers by the Roll) – Label and Sticker Printer

polyvinyl decals

Quite frankly, there are a bazillion companies online selling sticker products, from shipping on roll labels to service decals to pretty much any sticky thing you might want to purchase.

Pricing often seems to be the name of the game, and if you get stiffed for a few hundred bucks here and there, you just roll with it. It’s a hazard of the online purchasing game.

How To Know From Which Label and Sticker Printer to Purchase Your Company’s Shipping Label

I’m here to say, “No, it isn’t!” First, though, let me say that while these have become a commodity in the North American market,

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Purchasing Auto Dealer Decals for Your Car Dealership

car dealer decals

First, let’s take a look at what car dealerships have available today. Auto dealer decals are available in a few different styles. Chromes are a popular low-priced option, and clear polyesters are also well-liked. Another option that can be made either as die-cut individual letters or die-cut is reflective vinyl.

Another option is the poured polyurethane decal, also known as domed graphics. Domed stickers or labels are covered with a thick, clear-poured, polyurethane coating to create a decal with visual depth. Due to their flexibility they are very popular with electronic product manufacturers as well as with car dealers.

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Metal Wall Letters: How to Purchase Metal Cast Letters Online

metal signs,Yard signs,parking signs,road signs,realtor signs,business signs,License plates,Sandwich Boards

If your company or organization is in the market for metal wall letters of any type, it is highly likely in this decade that you’ll go shopping online for them. Everyone I know has, at some time, been ripped off by an unscrupulous company, either online or offline, or if you’re like me, both!

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off When You Purchase Metal Cast Letters Online

Avoiding getting shafted when purchasing anything is a good idea, and if you’re purchasing any type of cast metallic signage, there are some ways that I’ve found that enable me to avoid losing money to the bad guys.

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