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Vinyl Stickers, Magnets and Decals for Business

Personalized Stickers

Communication is all about sending a message. Whether it’s by way of traffic signs that tell you how fast to go and where to turn, vinyl stickers with an informative message, or magnetic signs that advertise by providing directions or a personal type message, we see signs of all sizes everywhere we go.

Most likely those little graphics our kids love to play with are just the beginning of learning about them and how very effective they are as a means of communication. My real estate agent has those magnetic displays on the side of her vehicle that promote not only her name but the company she works for as well. Those cheap ones are pulling double duty and it works quite well, especially in today’s economy.

Promotion is the name of the game!

vinyl decalsOne of the most expensive parts of running any business is the advertising but without it many businesses would languor in anonymity and soon they’ll simply be gone. How can a business enterprise, especially a new one, effectively put those advertising dollars to work? By getting their name out there before the public. They need to make their company name and logo (if they have one) a “household name”, one that folks think of first when they want a particular service. If the business specializes in plumbing for example, they must put that word foremost on their signage because it’s just as important as their company name. Modern signage can be made from plastic, wood, rubber, and glass (neon) depending on the purpose and location of their intended use. Outdoor ads are usually large and brightly colored to attract attention of passersby. Signs that are intended for inside use such as on doors, windows, desks, and other furniture can be made from plastics of all sorts and thicknesses.

Stickers are the fun part of signage!

Kids love them! Adults do too. We buy vinyl stickers and decals to promote or just to boast about our accomplishments. We identify our belongings, pledge loyalty to our favorite teams, decree loyalty to our elected officials, and even tell the world where our kid goes to school. These are fun and generally brightly colored with stand out lettering printed on them. Order some for your family and wear them proudly to the next home game or family picnic. Let the kids stick them onto their school bag and ball cap, identifying their personal taste in the things that matter most to them. Those tiny vinyl graphics that come with many children’s items can be fun to exchange or collect just as we have saved postage stamps and match book covers. There doesn’t have to be a specific purpose for their usage, and that’s part of the fun of using them!

Order your wall graphics and custom wall decals from a reputable dealer who will give you a guarantee and feel safe knowing they will be well made and last for years to come.

Vinyl letters and signs state your business with a flash of color

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your advertising with brightly colored vinyl stickers and lettering and perhaps vinyl removable wall decals that can be moved to another space of your own choosing. Large and small pvc displays are standouts that grab the attention of customers and the public in general. Try out some custom polyvinyl banners to fly outside the business and see how much attention they draw! The art of advertisement (and never doubt it is an art) is how to effectively bring in new customers while also keeping those you’ve already sold to, coming back for more! Signs are visual reminders and they represent you and the business you depend on so bring it out bright with a visual flair that lets the world know what you have to offer.

Do you also use vinyl decals and stickers, and magnets to promote your business? Tell us about it in the comment form below.

Discover an array of vinyl graphics here.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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