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Cast Metal Plaques Solidify a Good Impression To Probable Clients

Cast metal plaque

What could be classier than cast metal plaques outside your doorstep?  They add taste, reputation and even hints at inherited wealth. Are you that upscale store they’ve heard about, people will wonder, when they read your business name engraved or embossed into a cast bronze, aluminum, or brass plaque?

These displays have raised letters, or also may have embossed lettering and logos. No matter which style you prefer, the stateliness of metal plaques are truly enchanting. They call to mind the mysterious mansions of old. The lovely and pristine Wuthering Heights would have had at least one outside the door to welcome guests and warn trespassers to come no further.

Metallic Plaque Signs Give The Ideal First Impression

metallic plaque signs These are not something new. They have been around since the days of the blacksmiths, knights in shining armor and castles. Bronze plaques can be made in oval shaped designs with an additional featured object like a flower, apple, sword or other.

Plaque signs are also handsomely displayed in a rectangular shape. They can be mounted to a wall or hang nicely by massive chain from a wooden or metal L-shaped or other wrought iron-type post. Some aluminum are built into a small island like stand which may be made of colorful rock or stone. There is no doubt about it; these metal plaques are not weak or insipid signs. They make an impression on whoever views them.

Where to Put them Out

Gateposts can also be a great spot to insert a cast bronze or aluminum sign so that guests can see them without having to travel any distance from the street. These types of cast metal plaques are ideal for gated communities, country clubs and golf courses. They inform passersby and identify the location of the club for those who may have been unfamiliar with their whereabouts.

Graphics for cast metal signage are also very attractive when displayed as a silhouette of a person that is being honored. It could be the silhouette of a famous family member, patriarch or even small child for whom the family is well known. Ever popular ones are made with the horseshoe shape and large, touchable numbers or letters.

A monogram can be especially powerful when it is a locally recognized one. The numbers may also be enough as to indicate the address of the person you are looking for. It is as if to say, if you don’t know that 321 is so-and-so’s address, obviously you do not belong here.

Durability of the Metal Plaque

These metallic displays will last a long time. Made of weather resistant material, they may have a satin gloss and protective coating. They are most usually exposed to at least some of the natural elements, so they are treated and prepared to look fresh for long periods of time.

Use them and they will last a good many years. This also subliminally reassures the customer or business partner that doing business with such a person is close to risk free. They were obviously in good financial standing to invest in them to begin with, and intend on staying around well into the foreseeable future.

The Right Metal Plaque Maker to Deal With

When you commission work for this type of signage, be sure and pre-qualify the company you are doing business with. They should have experience in the work they provide and above all, stand behind the success of their product.

They must put customer satisfaction as the highest priority, willing to even re-do the work if it does not meet the customer’s standards. If you have no prior dealings with a firm, be sure to consult the Better Business Bureau to see what their rating is. After all, what good are signs if they look anything less than impressive.

Take a look at a company that can make custom cast metal plaques for you.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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